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Michael Eckford was a bit of a late bloomer in the media business. Born and raised in the beautiful Sunshine Coast community of Roberts Creek, Michael worked in saw mills, on fishing boats and many years in construction. When the broadcasting bug finally bit at the relatively advanced age of 25, it bit hard!

Eckford has performed over 15,000 interviews, logged over 5,000 hours in front of TV cameras and has become a natural in front of TV cameras and radio microphones. Michael’s interview subjects have ranged from current affairs, politics, entertainment and sports. Each is approached with curiosity, thorough research and a drive to help people understand the world we all live in. For the last year Mike co-hosted the morning show on Classic Rock 101.  Now having cut his teeth co-hosting, Mike Eckford takes the next step as the ringleader on CKNW’s newest program, The Shift.

Let the shift to a new style of conversation begin.

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