Reality Check with Bruce Allen


  1. Bruce:
    Tnx for chiding Dennis S aboutstanding on the sidelines. Somewhere, Ackles is crying softly.
    Now, pls take on the league’s new “signature” uniforms. The only signature that works would be I.M. Godawful.
    jim taylor

  2. Bruce:
    I was listening to your commentary regarding bicyclists (Sept 10/14) and I was appalled by your name calling towards cyclist in Vancouver. I am a cyclist and I am not a “fool” as you put i! Grant you that cyclist shouldn’t be on sidewalks but if there is a pedestrian Jay-walker there will probably be a collision with a cyclist on a street. As for cyclists on the street….was the young 35 yr old cyclist woman killed on Gilbert/#2 rd this late summer a “fool?” Drivers of vehicles (I believe) have an empowered attitude while behind the wheel thus, putting cyclist and alike in danger. This poor woman was where she was suppose to be in a cross walk off the bike lane but yet was killed because of a reckless empowered driver. Vancouver is a cyclist city…this is the 21 century and people need to wake up to this fact of Vancouver.

    It”s sad that the mentality of vehicle drivers continue to road rage against cyclist. This type of commentary is only exasperating this behaviour. Oh! I also drive a car and I’m very carful of my fellow cyclist on the street, and driving beside the bike lanes (which are not enough of to keep US cyclist safe…..

    Terry Schmid

    • P.S. Also Bruce you mentioned the congested Stanley Park Bike and Foot path and the person knocked over by a cyclist. It’s dangerously congested and is not the fault of the cyclist when a pedestrian and cyclist collide! It’s congested….obviously something has to be done with the planning of this Bike/foot path…

      Terry Schmid

  3. Come on Bruce! Saying that U2 gave it away? They struck a deal with Apple so they didn’t give it away free. It may be be a great business move, on their next tour the fans will know this album + the decades of other music. Love your style, just don’t agree on this one, I think it’s a good business move….we will see. PS, my 18 year old daughter told me to check my phone, she discovered it before I did. (It is kind of creepy that stuff can get on your phone and you had no control!)

  4. Hi Bruce: Your comments about U2 amused me. You bewailed the fact that Justin Beiber has taken over. So how do you imagine we who love Sinatra, Crosby, Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller etc feel about our loss? Sometimes we get lucky and hear them on the public tv channels, and good bless his heart, my idol for decades ,Tony Bennet who is still performing. They all have oodles of recordings and videos, but we only find them as a rule in the internet. There are still many fans left but we are ignored. :-)

  5. I’d like to invite Bruce down to my office at Mission Possible at 659 East Hastings Street to discuss what WE (He and I and anyone else who will join us) to tackle the problems facing the residents of Vancouver and especially the area that he referred to in his commentary today.

    I’m guessing he won’t take on me on my offer to try and do something about the problem and that he would probably prefer to sit in his studio, or office and insult the people who are trying to provide solutions. Using derogatory terms like “Poverty Pimps” doesn’t help the situation, it only makes things worse.

    If not, and he actually wants to be part of the solution, ha can give me a call 604-253-4469 ext. 115. My name is Rod.

  6. I know one season ticket holder that Bon Lenarduzzi better call and aplogize, and that is the young women in the add he just pulled. By caving to twits, Lenarduzzi has thrown that women under the bus.

    There is nothing remotely wrong with what she did, how she looks or what she was wearing. But by Lenarduzzi caving to the small minded and few in number, he has publicly humiliated her.

    He appears weak. He should have told those complaining to take a hike. We don’t want you and don’t need you at our games. Our games are about fun. Our games are about fans – even the attractive fans. You don’t like it, stay at home, re-read your Gloria Steinem collection and shut the f***-up.

  7. A Letter sent to the Mayor

    Hey a####le that’s for destroying our neighborhood


    I have written before, calm and respectful with no response. Your last stunt has sent me over the top! On the weekend you made 60 beds available at the former Kettle of fish. Horrible move. We experienced the temporary shelter on Granville, under the over pass five years ago. What a mess, your decision to house these people here, turned a respectable neighborhood into and extension of the downtown east side. Needles, garbage, loitering, police calls all night long, people standing in the alley screaming, people urinating in public, aggressive dumpster diving, jay walking, over the top property theft (lost two bikes from a locker during this time and a front wheel and seat), open drug use, open drinking, discarded clothing strewn everywhere every morning.
    Now with the 60 units at Kettle of fish your putting another 150 within a 30 second walk away. You want to house the homeless from Oppenheimer park? Have you been by there? I have these people sit under a banner stating “no drugs” “no alcohol” drinking flats of beer and smoking crack..I have been there and have seen this. Seriously these people were told to vacate back in August, they didn’t. This shows you these people don’t listen to law or rules and now you want to make them my next door neighbors.. NIMBY ..perhaps but ask yourself this would you and your neighbors want this in a house next to you? No.

    8 years ago we bought here at 888 pacific and at 438 Seymour. Sold Seymour because of the influence of the neighborhood and the problems that went with it. We did our homework found this to be a working respectable neighborhood and in a moment you will change our home for the worse.

    Mayor your not taking into consideration that there are thousands of respectable law abiding working tax payers, who made their homes here because it was away from the problems of the downtown east side. Where is there sense in Mayor wanting to make an area of the city with few problems, into an undesirable place to live.

    I’m sure as with all things that don’t pertain to your life and circle of interest, you will do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening.

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