Well-known, well-connected, articulate and knowledgeable, Michael Campbell is one of Canada’s most respected business analysts. Besides his familiarity as host of the long-running Money Talks every Saturday, Mike also produces a daily financial commentary that airs each weekday morning on CKNW.
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  1. I have heard Michael Campbell complain many times about the pension and benefit package of government workers. I would just like to point out that he needs to make a difference between professionals working in government positions, such as in the medical field, accountants, engineers, etc. The private sector is actually better pay for us, and in my profession I had licencing and continuing education fees covered by my employer when I worked in private practice. The only thing keeping me in public health is the pension and benefits. Take that away, and there would be a mass exodus in workers. What does he recommend as an alternative? Everyone to work in the private sector? Or to have government workers as the people who couldn’t get work in the more lucrative private sector?

  2. I listened to Michael Campbell’s rant today on CKNW about how groups often use “facts” to push their own agenda without taking into consideration other aspects of the argument. fair enough! He noted that teachers are keen to say that Alberta has higher salaries than those in BC without noting that oil and gas provide the funds to do so, and that teachers have in the past opposed oil and gas production/transportaion in BC. He also noted that teachers quote that Quebec and ontario have higher wages but that the large deficits and debt that exist in those provinces (presumably these are all the fault of high education budgets – not much analysis there) are not mentioned.

    I would love Michael to explain:
    1. Why manitoba and Saskatechewan, neither of which have any special advanatge over BC are able to provide teachers with much higher wages.
    2. How he managed to include Quebec as a high paying province when in fact it pays amongst the lowers and lower than BC.

    It would seem that Mr Campbell, while keen to point out how “facts” can be used without balance to prove a point has infact fallen victim to the same trait that he was railing against.

    Time to do some research Michael and not let your bias get the better of you.

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