UPDATED: Man gets two years in jail for attacking bus driver

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UPDATED: Man gets two years in jail for attacking bus driver

A man who viciously attacked a bus driver in Surrey earlier this year has been sentenced to two years behind bars on top of 31 months’ time already served.

Sean Tyler Quaye, 25, made a surprise guilty plea today.

He also received three years’ probation and a three-year ban on taking transit.

Quaye punched a Surrey bus driver so hard, the driver was left with a broken nose, broken facial bones and blurred vision.

Bus drivers who attended the hearing left smiling.

Union leader Nathan Woods says it’s great news.

“It’s long overdue to have a judge consider this type of sentencing. And for one, I think transit operators and riders especially happy that this has transpired today. It’s just the most amazing news.”

He does question, however, how Quaye’s transit ban will be enforced.



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  1. so hats almost 5 years in jail !! Give that judge a free pass to the SCOC bench !! finally a Judge that gets the need to do more than hug a criminal and commiserate over the tough life they have had !!

  2. If the 31 months was served up until the 2 year jail sentence handed down, how was he out of jail to assault the driver? Was the 31 months a sentence for a seperate offense and he got released before the assault took place? A very confusing opening paragraph!

  3. David , in the old days if you hit some one you might get a fine , now 2 years to become a better criminol , but might learn some thing in the proses , like handling his anger , and keeping his hands to him self , maybe some one will pound on him . And the first part of the story says earlyer this year , than 31 months ? there are only 12 months in a year ?