UPDATED: Pipeline confrontation on Burnaby Mountain

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UPDATED: Pipeline confrontation on Burnaby Mountain

A day after the City of Burnaby issued a stop work order to Kinder Morgan, city staff have engaged in a confrontation with pipeline workers on Burnaby mountain.

Mayor Derek Corrigan says his city staff went up to Burnaby Mountain to stop Kinder Morgan work crews from cutting down trees.

“They have got an army of security personnel with them and have already, according to my staff, cut down some trees,” says Corrigan.

“We have issued a stop work order and they are continuing despite that stop work order has been I think a needless confrontation. It is an issue that we need to have resolved in the court.”

Corrigan says city staff will do everything they can to enforce the stop work order short of a physical confrontation.

Kinder Morgan says everything was friendly but its Trans Mountain pipeline staff left the area. Officials are now asking the National Energy Board to force the city to allow it to continue it works.

Meanwhile, John Clarke, who helped establish the Burnaby Mountain conservation park in the 1970s, says what Kinder Morgan is doing is “preposterous.”

Clarke says he’s lived near in the area for 68 years and was upset to watch crews tear down trees to make way for helicopters to drop off drilling equipment.

“I find that the federal government basically is the lap boys of Mr. Kinder and Mr. Morgan, why the government of Canada has allowed them to basically run roughshod over a conservation area.”

Kinder Morgan claims seven trees were declared dangerous by an arborist.



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  1. Is this the same Mayor Corrigan who swore on a stack of speeding tickets that he would lay in front of a Kinder Morgan bulldozer? And what does he do now? He sends a bunch of city minions to confront Kinder Morgan while he hides out in the safety of his office. Corrigan is still red-faced after the Energy Commision gave KM the go ahead so now he’s trying to issue a worthless stop work order that will be shot down by a court order. At the end of the day Kinder Morgan will sue and win damages from Burnaby for lost time and wages. The city dogcatcher could do better job.

  2. Corrigan is a total idiot playing to the nonsense of Nimbi’s crowd all in the name of the ‘do nothing’ crowd of Left Wing dimwits, like Mayor Gregor Robertson.

    These guys want every body else to pay for there demands but will not accept any attempt to increases jobs or revenues. What nit wits, they are.