No change in teachers strike

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No change in teachers strike

BCTF President Jim Iker is at a teachers’ rally this morning in Burnaby but there’s no sign yet of an end to the dispute.

Iker says he spoke to the province’s lead negotiator Peter Cameron again yesterday.

“His comments were that they are ready to but if we’re both ready then let’s make it happen.”


“There are talks scheduled as of yet but we’re going to keep trying to get talks scheduled.”

When asked if there will be school next week, Iker said he hopes so but it will take a deal getting done.



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  1. The teachers need to get back to work. Yes they work hard and don’t have the resources they always need but how is this different than any other profession? In Asia class composition in minimum 60 to 1 yet they produce some of the best scientist and mathemetician on the planet. The teachers are not everything. To yield the best result is a combination of good teachers that care and good parents that spend time with their kids. How many parents spend 3 hrs of their time a day doing reviews and homework with their kids? This is a social responsibility and not many do it. If your kids know what they are doing with your supervision then the teacher is merely a guidance and inspiration.