School Districts are reaching out to parents about what to do next week

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School Districts are reaching out to parents about what to do next week

School Districts are reaching out to parents trying to provide some direction for next week.

Burnaby’s Superintendent of Schools has posted a letter on the District’s website saying schools will open September 2nd, even if an 11th hour agreement is reached the day before.

However at the same time the letter says “we anticipate that on Tuesday, teachers may not report to work.”

The District is urging parents to get in touch with childcare centres and is posting a list of day camps that still have openings.

In Surrey, the district says schools are now open but only for registration or questions.


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  1. The letter should read, “There will be no school start up next week because we have two so called leaders who have dug their heels in so deep they are unable to find an intelligent solution. There will be a resolution in the future, but for some reason the parties are having difficulty finding each other. Please stay tuned.”

  2. The main issues in the dispute with teachers were present in the Jeffrey Moore SCOC case, where Madame Justice Abella wrote in 2012:

    “Adequate special education is not a dispensable luxury,” Judge Abella said for a 9-0 majority. “For those with severe learning disabilities, it is the ramp that provides access to the statutory commitment to education made to all children in British Columbia.”

    Funding for special needs is the main matter here. Language protecting special needs was stripped from the contract in 2001 and not replaced by the subsequent imposed contracts. Parents are under the delusion that teachers will be brought back by legislation if this dispute drags on, as with past work stoppages. Pending SCOC #35423 may change that. I’m sure the similarity between the disputes is not lost on Madame Justice Abella.

  3. September – No School
    October 6 – Throne speech. There will be an announced settlement in the throne speech.
    October 7- legislated settlement for the BCTF dispute will be introduced. If the NDP resists, closure will be invoked. It will be a reprise of the last offer for the BCTF. As an added bonus (and to assure the affordability of the settlement) the notwithstanding clause will be invoked. This will negate all the litigation regarding class size and possible settlements.
    October 14 first day of school. It will go as usual with the exception that the school year will end sometime in July to allow for the usual 200 sessional days.
    November 15- Thousands of UHaul trucks will be rented as BC teachers quietly leave. Parents will be relieved as many new teachers (unencumbered by knowledge or experience) will start to occupy the positions of the more experienced teachers. Given the usual attrition of new teachers (40% in the 1st 5 years) (25% of grads never do the 1st day) parents should expect their child’s teacher will likely change at least once during the school year.
    Be careful of what you ask for. You might get it.

  4. I think this is much worse than simply a matter of the government digging its heels in. As I reflect on the government’s actions since last Spring, I think the plan ALL along was to starve the teacher’s into submission. There was no intention to negotiate, no intention to engage in the give and take that happens in negotiations, barely even any intention to come to the table except when it was convenient for them in the media or as a way to make teachers look bad. I don’t see how anyone can look at the carefully timed media interviews Fassbender has been giving, or the Facebook/tweets that Christy Clark has been putting out as anything other than attempting to discredit teachers and sway public opinion. Rumour has it that one government official inadvertently let it out of the bag that the Liberals will not be taking any kind of action until Sept. 23rd. What they have up their sleeve for this date is anyone’s guess but you can bet it will not be good for children, teachers or public education.