Coquitlam teacher quits after repeated warnings to stop touching kids

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Coquitlam teacher quits after repeated warnings to stop touching kids

A teacher in the Coquitlam school district has quit after repeatedly being warned to stop touching kids inappropriate.

Kevin James Buffel received several warnings dating back three years.

But he wasn’t suspended, with pay, until earlier this year when the principal saw a girl in his Grade 2/3 class sitting on his lap while the kids watched a movie in a darkened room.

Following that Jan. 14 incident, Buffel admitted he ignored previous orders to stop hugging or lifting girls up, as well as holding them in his lap.

A search of his work computer contained graphic, highly sexual images of adults with children, including incestuous relationships.

Staff also found some disturbing websites were accessed during school hours.

Buffel voluntarily resigned in May and agreed not to teach again.


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  1. Now were the parents equivalently warned of Mr Buffel’s proclivities prior to this ??? Of course not .

    So now I’ll bet there are some worried parents talking to their daughters about what might have happened 2 or 3 years ago !

  2. Wow well thank God for the strike the kids are safe now. And why did they let it drag on for 3 damn years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many kids are scarred because the Administrators chose to turn their heads the other way……………Amazing.

  3. Try to be informed before you flap your gums John – teachers get fired or ‘forced retirement’ in BC all of the time.

    As for waiting 3 years – this has nothing to do with the union. The administration are non-unionized, so why these non BCTF folks waiting 3 years is a good question.

    For the record, I’m no fan of the BCTF, and have zero faith in their leadership, but let’s at least get facts straight before we get hopped up on union bashing when this is a potential criminal matter.