Chiefs of Police demand action not talk on murdered and missing aboriginal women

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Yesterday the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police said they take no position on calls for a public inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women.

Today, a different tune from the Association as it calls on the Federal Government to come up with an “action plan.”

New Association President Chief Clive Weighill, who takes over from Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu, says a plan of action is needed because of the tragedy of the numbered of murdered and missing aboriginal women.

However, Weighill says an inquiry will only delay work that’s needed to be done now.

“Yes, a national inquiry may shed some light on this but we don’t want to delay action and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police we are calling for an action plan involving levels of government to get to the root causes.”

Weighill says an inquiry would only delay action that’s needed immediately.

“In our opinion an inquiry will delay some good work that can be done. As we’ve mentioned we’ve had a lot of studies on this before and it would be our position that we feel we want to take that next step. We want to go past the inquiry part, we don’t want delays, we want to make sure there are fewer and fewer and fewer every year murdered women that occur in Canada.”

Weighill says aboriginal women are victimized at five to six times that of non-aboriginal women.

The murder of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine in Manitoba has renewed calls for an inquiry.

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