Another employee cleared in Health Ministry wrongful dismissal case

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An out-of-court settlement has been reached in the wrongful dismissal of a senior BC Health Ministry employee.

Ron Mattson, who’s also a city councillor for the town of View Royal, sued after he was fired in September of 2012.

A statement has been issued by the Ministry of Health declaring the “decision to terminate Mr. Mattson was a regrettable mistake.”

He is now the third person to be exonerated after seven employees were accused of inappropriate conduct involving the management of the UBC Therapeutic Initiatives, an independent body studying the safety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Mattson’s trial against the government was slated to start October 20th.

Last month, drug researcher Malcolm Maclure was re-hired as a consultant after his wrongful dismissal suit was also settled and Robert Neil Hart, a former director of data access, was re-hired in March.

Another fired employee, Roderick MacIsaac, committed suicide in January of last year.

NDP Health Critic Judy Darcy says British Columbians have a right to know how much this is costing them.

“As the result of these wrongful dismissals and as a result of sullying the reputations of people who have done nothing, but contribute to the health and the safety of British Columbians. The government should come clean and let us know exactly how much money they’ve spent.”