Rescue crews called out to Lynn Canyon after young woman falls into water

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

District of North Vancouver Assistant Fire Chief Mike Cairns says the 20-year old woman says fell 5-10 feet and has a lower leg injury, but luckily wasn’t seriously hurt.

He adds she may have been part of a group enjoying the warm weather with a swim in the Canyon.

“If you are doing the hikes, proper footwear, and having the footwear you need, food, water, all of that. Swimming in the area, the rocks can get wet and slippery. It’s just an area that demands extreme caution.”

Crews were called in around 3 this afternoon.

Cairns says every summer they get about 10 percent more calls out like this one.

He says that’s likely because more and more people go into the parks every year.


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