Chester the false killer whale is getting better

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Chester the false killer whale is getting better

A young false killer whale found on a beach in Tofino last month is getting better.

Vancouver Aquarium staff monitor Chester 24 hours a day.

They say, while it is still day-to-day, the calf  is starting to show signs of  improvement.

Veterinarian fellow Justin Rosenberg says, only a month after his rescue, Chester is swimming on his own.

“It was actually kind of funny when he first discovered that he could go under the water. He just kind of dropped down to the bottom, came up, took a breath and then has been doing that. So he’s showing some normal behaviours which we are encouraged by.”

Rosenberg says, now that Chester is starting to hold himself up in the water, they hope to move him to a bigger tank.


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  1. Why isn’t Ms. Barnes and the rest of the parks board demanding this cetacean be dumped back into the ocean. Isn’t Barnes the one who said they should marine mammals should be euthanized instead of rescued.