Taxi turf war heating up: Suburban cabs sue Vancouver taxis for 1 million dollars

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Taxi turf war heating up: Suburban cabs sue Vancouver taxis for 1 million dollars

The taxi turf war over access to downtown Vancouver’s lucrative entertainment district is heating up in court.

A group of Suburban taxi companies including Delta Sunshine Taxi, Kimber Cabs, Guildford Cab, Tsawwassen Taxi, Newton Whalley Hi-Way Taxi, North Shore Taxi and Sunshine Cabs   are suing a group of Vancouver taxi companies, including Yellow Cab Company, Black Tops Cabs, MacLure’s Cabs and Vancouver Taxi Ltd. for more than 1 million dollars.

The Suburban cab companies claim they suffered damages due to Vancouver taxi companies trying to block them in court from circling in on their clientele.

On two occasions the Passenger Transportation Board approved 38 temporary licenses for suburban taxi’s to operate downtown on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm-5am in June and December of 2013.

The Vancouver taxi companies filed injunctions while it attempted to have the decisions overturned.

A BC Supreme Court judge ultimately sided with the Suburban cabs- Vancouver taxis appealed- and lost the appeal this week.


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  1. Vancouver taxi companies think they own the city, can park in the middle of the street, hold up traffic where it clearly says no stopping, run red lights etc, etc. They won`t take people out of town, so there are sub-urban companies that will. Whilst living in Langley, I could never get a cab to take me direct after skytrain shut down. Meanwhile, Pacific cabs would come and get me if I could wait. Let the public decide who they want to pick them up and take them home and offer your business to those who offer best service. It should not be a municipal monopoly.

  2. All the taxi companies have a driver monopoly and this should be taken to court also. The city promise to look into how Cab companies can buy a taxi licence in Vancouver for $250 and sell it for $200-$350 thousand open up the taxi service to private operators cell phone and a Taxi will be all they need for overhead. You of the right love private so why hang on to the status quo Cab company monopolies.