ALS society sees web hits, donations soar thanks to ice bucket challenge

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Since Canadians have started taking up the challenge to dump ice cold water over their heads as part of ALS awareness, ALS Canada’s website has crashed and fundraising has soared.

Prior to the challenge, the society would see five hundred people, at most, click on its website.

But last night it saw fifty to eighty thousand people visit.

ALS Canada spokesperson Rebecca Grima says the money is also coming in at an unprecedented rate.

“As of Wednesday morning we were over $500,000, and as of [Thursday], we went from $500,000 to just over one million,” says Grima.

Grima says many families living with ALS had felt alone because the disease was in the shadows, but now there is awareness.

Two of Noor Al-Shaikh’s three daughters are living with ALS.

Giselle is 13-years-old and Sienna is 8.

He says it’s important that a wide audience is becoming aware of a rare disease.

“I am hoping that if the funds – and unfortunately in this world you need money to come to a solution – or come to a cure, come to some finding – that’s all you need. You need the resources to get to the bottom of it,” says Al-Shaikh.

Al-Shaikh says his daughters’ extremely rare form of juvenile ALS is not a death sentence, but it is for many.

He hopes this campaign can do something to change that.


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