BC biologist says Likely residents putting on “brave face” after Mount Polley tailings pond disaster

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BC biologist says Likely residents putting on “brave face” after Mount Polley tailings pond disaster

A BC biologist who spent the weekend in communities affected by the Mount Polley tailing pond disaster says there are still so many unanswered questions.

Are the fish safe to eat? When is the company going to remove the sludge from the bottom of Quesnel lake?

And, Alexandra Morton says the latest question: What is the blue wax like scum on the top of the water?

Despite all this uncertainly, she says residents are putting on a brave face…

“They know that the mine is important to the community but they are scared. I mean,  you don’t know what to touch, you don’t know whether to go in the  water. You don’t know if your nose is burning because there’s smoke in the air or because of the chemicals it’s really a very frightening situation here”

It’s been two weeks since millions of cubic meters of waste spewed out of the Imperial mine tailings pond into Hazeltine Creek – and finally Quesnel Lake.


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  1. Who is Alexandra Morton?
    Who does he represent?
    What level of a “BC Biologist” is she?
    How many people could she have interviewed in the “communities” while there for the weekend?

    Contrary to her lay albeit inflammatory opinion, another national network says that locals are back out on the lake and are being told that the water is fine to drink.

    • You are not answering the question as is anyone else.

      I don’t deny that she might be a perfectly good Biology 11 teacher. I remember that our school footbal coach did a decent job at it too.
      I just want to know why she is deemed as a “go to” person on this matter and why she is such an alarmust in the face of scientific evidence that so far says she is incorrect.

      The mine has dozens of chemists and biologists far more educated than her.
      The Province has hired dozens to go there as well.

      Unless she comes up with peer reviewed empirical evidence to support her inflammatory statements, she should be considered any more expert than a trained taxi driver or bus driver would be on road safety.

      IF there is contamination, wouldn’t you think that the gov’t (both) would want to have it uncovered so that they (on behalf of us) can be compensated?

      This won’t be like the “anti-everything” demonstrations that gov’t hast o clean up afterwards. Someone will be paying for this.

      • Alexandra Morton, despite your concern, has every right to wade into the Mount Polley mine disaster like any other citizen when an unqualified Mines Minister equates the Mount Polley tailings-dam breach to natural landslides.

        What allows you to self-appoint yourself as the “thought police” and question Alexandra Morton or anyone else who comments and is entitled to do so?

        You do not have a monolopy on the use of inflammatory language.

  2. Perhaps this will open some people’s eyes and show what really is going on. Yes, there needs to be independent investigation by outside biologists and scientific community, but this sure shows us here in the big city just a small picture of a GREAT BIG PROBLEM that needs to be dealt with and that the government and mining company need to be RESPONSIBLE FOR! Read and see with your own eyes …


    • Thanks for submitting theat “evidence”

      What is very, very clear is two things.

      1) Alexandra Morton arrived with a clear and political motivation.

      2) The letter written and signed by three “cheifs” from the area NEVER refer to themselves “FIRST NATIONS” at all.
      THEY don’t call themselves that so why are none natives doing so?

  3. So, you are not bothered by what you see in these pictures? Does this look “normal” to you? Don’t you think this is having an impact on the people/animals/fish and environment in the area? Whatever angle you want to look at it, there is a BIG PROBLEM, regardless of any agenda someone may have. I do not care about politics, I care about the environment and man made problems. Perhaps that is what the government and the mining company should be worried about too, instead of trying to gloss things over and lay blame with the other guy.