NDP welcome Mount Polley independent investigation; ask why not more?

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After Environment minister Mary Polak said “People don’t trust the government to be investigating itself.” the NDP’s House leader says Polak is just admitting “the blindingly obvious.”

Mike Farnworth says he welcomes the independent investigation into the Mount Polley tailings pond breach but he notes the province has avoided such probes in the past.

“I think when you have events such as we have seen at Mount Polley, Babine and Lakeland Mills, Kwantlen university, and the Quick Wins scandal the public has to have confidence the government will get to the bottom of it and will get to the truth of exactly what happened and how things happened. That means you have to have an independent investigation take place.”

Farnworth says people will only know whether or not to trust the investigation when they see details.

“We want to see who the individual is, what their terms of reference will be, and just how independent it will be. We are going to have to wait until we get those details. Make no mistake given this government’s record the public is going to be very skeptical until they see the actual terms of reference and the individual leading that investigation.”

Mary Polak says those details are “hopefully” coming next week.


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  1. This is like the fox, sitting around an empty hen house, dreaming up, what went wrong. Am I mistaken, but did not the mining company involved with the incident, not throw a gala gala bun toss for our Snokums in Calgary, that raised her last campaign about a million bucks?
    There is a lot of investigations this province needs. Who swept BC Rail under the rug? Never hear a peep, not even from the likes of me. Has NW folded, and turned, totally, into Liberal cheerleaders?
    Maybe the new NW cast will find their nerts, and dig into some true investigative reporting, but I doubt it.

  2. redd_rayne

    “Bio-magnification of pollutants in the food chain is also a significant concern for human health.”

    “The chemicals, however, biologically accumulate (bioaccumulate) in the organism and become concentrated at levels that are much higher than in the surrounding water. Small fish and zooplankton consume vast quantities of phytoplankton.

    In doing so, any toxic chemicals accumulated by the phytoplankton are further concentrated in their bodies. These concentrations are increased at each level in the food chain.

    This process of increasing pollutant concentration through the food chain is called biomagnification. The top predators in a food chain, such as lake trout, coho and chinook salmon, and fish-eating gulls, herons, and bald eagles, may accumulate concentrations of a toxic chemical high enough to cause serious deformities or death or to impair their ability to reproduce.

    The concentration of some chemicals in the fatty tissues of top predators can be millions of times higher than the concentration in the surrounding water. “–http://www.epa.gov/oaqps001/gr8water/xbrochure/lakes.html

    • David, you seem to know your onions. You have my vote to spearhead an independent investigation. Yet, our government will have a clown or 2 doing coliform counts, and all effected water will be tickety poo.
      Mark my words.