Kwikwetlem band members asks for MP to investigate chief’s earnings

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Kwikwetlem band members asks for MP to investigate chief's earnings

Members of the BC First Nation whose chief took home an $800,000 bonus has asked an MP to investigate.

Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation earned nearly a million dollars last year fiscal year, after he withdrew a land claim near Burke Mountain in exchange for an $8-million payout by the provincial government,

James Moore, the Industry Minister and MP for Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam, says band members want access to the financial deal that lost them land.

“I’m going to work with them to see if there’s some way we can facilitate them having access to more transparency and more information through the province so they can have the information that they need so the band can organize their own affairs more effectively.”

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act now requires first nation chiefs to post their salaries on a federal government website.


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  1. What do they expect a cabinet minister to do for them? Unless the chief has broken a law in taking the money, he will keep it and nothing can be done to force him to do otherwise. The First Nations leaders and those who support them take the position that they are sovereign nations free to do with what belongs to them as they please. Great-so this chief and the others on council chose to approve this payment.

    The governance model of FN’s is defective because the band owns everything. This fundamentally changes the relationship between those governing and those being governed. As has been said many times, either you have a people with a government, or a government with a people-the FN’s have the latter and they will never prosper under that arrangement. However, the progressives in our society like this model, so we can all forget any changes ever being made.

  2. Chief Giesbrecht, who made close to a million dollars last year in his role as both chief and economic development officer . . . might be compared to being both the premier and finance minister of BC and accepting full salaries for both positions.

    Shortly before the culmination of the deal . . . Giesbrecht replaced the Economic Development Officer with himself . . .

    The victims of Canada’s reserve system are not just taxpayers who are funding this entire circus, but natives living on reserves who often appear to be neglected by their own leaders.

  3. wasn’t this the same Chief who told us that 98% his band members approved of his salary and that all was well? Chief Giesbrecht may have the only paved driveway on the reserve but it sure sounds like he better put the 2015 Escalade on hold for now.