Mount Polley sediment test results due Saturday

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Mount Polley sediment test results due Saturday

The Cariboo Regional District says despite encouraging water test results there is still a long road ahead for clean up last week’s massive tailings pond breach.

The regional district’s Al Richmond says water results are one thing but all eyes are on pending test results on the escaped toxic sediment.

“The ministry is expecting those results back either Friday or Saturday. To my knowledge they have not come back yet.”

Reporter “How crucial is that?”

“For so far as the peace of mind for the First Nations and the general residents it is information that they don’t have and it has caused part of the uncertainty.”

The ministry of environment has confirmed sediment results are due Saturday.

Richmond says to restore Hazeltime creek and the surrounding waterways will take much longer.

“Well I would suspect that monitoring of various things, water quality, sediment, and fish is going to go on for sometime. I would suspect much longer than we probably, at this time, would even speculate for the long term.”

Richmond says it is not only testing but also restoring the affected area.

“Mount Polley will be coming out with their remediation plan, or their tentative plans, what they are going to do for a clean up and how are they going to approach it. They are submitting something to the ministry of environment Friday I believe.”

Richmond says the possibility of Lake Polley breaching a plug shoved in the lake when the tailings dam burst is also a big concern.


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  1. We to wonder what snookie knows about all this,but we must remember that a certain firm raised 1 million $$$$$$$ for her lady election,is there a cover up here??????????????

  2. May be that plug could be a blessing in diskise , preventing more crap from moveing further down the water ways , a boom boat , a couple slidders , and come alongs , and some dineamite would solve the problem .

  3. Bill Bennett said the breach was no worse than the many avalanches that occur naturally in BC every year. That being said the results should be okay. Now let’s get that mine back to work.

  4. And the battle plan from Imperial metals on how they will clean-up this mess according to the BC Lying Liberals is due tomorrow august 15th???? just what will it say????

  5. I think everyone really jumped the gun on this story. Heads needed to roll before results came in from water samples. So far the water is safe to drink. A far cry from all the doom and gloom coming from everyone from centre left out to the loonie left.

    Everyone needs to just chill till the samples come in. Then you can make an INFORMED opinion.