Deportation review underway for Jose Figueroa

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Refugee claimant Jose Figueroa will soon find out if he can stay in Langley with his family. A judicial review is underway into his deportation order from last fall.

Figueroa has lived in Langley with his family for 15 years. In the fall the Canadian Government found links between him and an El Salvadorian terrorist group.

When the government ordered his deportation — Figueroa took sanctuary in a Langley church.

MP Don Davies says he expects to see the judical review side in Figueroa’s favour.

“A previous judge has already said that the FMLN in El Salvador which was the political group that Jose was a member of was not a terrorist entity and they are not on the list that the Canadian government has that would bar entry to Canada.’

Figueroa has been living in the church for the past eight months.


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