Ward death was senseless tragedy

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Ward death was senseless tragedy

It is perhaps the most senseless tragedy we have seen in a sporting event in history…and it all has to do with road rage.

As you are driving around today, whether in a morning or afternoon rush, or a border or ferry lineup, let the death of Kevin Ward Jr. be a stark lesson in how cool heads will prevail.


*** (tony stewart – pictured)

Ward was struck and killed by a race car driven by Tony Stewart over the weekend.  He was hit by the car because of stupidity, plain and simple.  It wasn’t Stewart’s stupidity for getting into a collision with Ward; it was Ward’s for climbing back onto a live race track to confront his tormentor.

Everyone needs to take one step back before condemning Stewart for this terrible accident.  Local law enforcement, which is NEUTRAL in this situation, has currently indicated no wrong-doing by Stewart.  If that changes we can have that conversation.

It boils down to one hard fact…Ward climbed out of the safest place on the track, which was his vehicle, and into the line of fire of a live race.  He did this because he was enraged by Stewart and the accident, and that decision cost him his life.

Sport, no matter what it is, will always be an emotional outlet, whether for the fan or the competitor.  The sport of Auto Racing now needs to prevent further incidents of stupidity from occurring in the future by sanctioning racers that choose to take their lives into their own hands.

Massive fines and better yet, a heavy suspension will keep the racers in their cars and out of the firing line.

Call it the Ward rule, and instead of being remembered for being stupid in his final moments, Kevin Ward can be a lesson that keeps others alive.


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  1. Something that no one in the media seems to have noticed, Stewart was following another car around a curve, so it is likely that Stewart did not see Ward until he appeared in front of his car. Have attended a number of sprint car races over the decades, contact between cars is very common . . . but have never seen a driver get out of his car and run into harms way. Tragic situation for all concerned.

  2. A totally avoidable situation if Ward made a better choice. Fines would have to be pretty hefty to keep drivers in their cars. Unfortunately, even though it wasn’t Stewart’s fault, he will have to live with this forever. Very sad for him.

  3. And he was wearing a black fire suit and a black helmet. Great combination to stand on a track in the night time. Certainly not Tony’s fault at all.