It’s Rory’s time now

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It's Rory's time now

In the world of golf, Rory McIlroy is the new King.

McIlroy withstood challenges from many worthy competitors on the weekend to win his second consecutive Major Championship, his 4th of his career, and his third straight tourney.

Right now, there isn’t a better golfer on the planet.  Rory seems to win his tourneys by simply putting the hammer down when he has to.

An Eagle on the 10th hole at Valhalla was a statement…look out boys, playtime is over.  Rory walked in, withstood his adversaries, and put two hands on the Wanamaker Trophy.

With the win, European golf has done something never before seen in the history of the Majors…they have taken three of the four largest tourneys in the world, and they have done it convincingly.

The FED-EX playoffs are around the corner and the Ryder Cup after that, and as great as it would be for Rory to win the PGA Playoffs and then anchor Europe to another crushing win over the Americans…it does not matter.

As we mentioned last week, major championships are what measures a career and Rory is well on his way to being in the conversation of one of the best to ever play…right now he is in the Top 20.

A Masters win next year would give the Irishman a career grand slam, which would vault him into the TOP 5 all time…and Rory is just 25.

The only thing that will stop Rory McIlroy from achieving the greatest victories in the game of golf is simple…it is Rory himself.

Over the next ten years, Rory will probably want to settle down, get married and have children…priorities change.

So enjoy this run of greatness while it lasts…because Rory is great right now and great is fun to watch.