Trial lawyers wind down one protest, prepare for another

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Trial lawyers wind down one protest, prepare for another

Today is the last day of action for dozens of lawyers in B.C.  who are protesting a lack of support for people who can’t afford a lawyer.

But the group responsible says this is just the beginning.

At least 100 lawyers in Vancouver and Kamloops refused to take legal aid clients for the past five weeks in a bid to squeeze more funding out of the province.

“The courtroom’s been a lot slower.”

Ben Doyle with the Trial Lawyers Association of BC says they’ve planned more withdrawals for the first week of the month, starting in October, until the end of 2015. Lawyers from Abbotsford, Victoria and other areas will join those from Kamloops and Vancouver who have already been protesting.

“Too many people are self-represented litigants simply because they’ve not qualified for legal aid. The reason they can’t qualify is it’s too hard to qualify. And too few services are covered.”

Some cases were thrown out during a similar withdrawal two years ago because no attorneys were available.


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  1. The Liberal way to protect themselves. Then everyone charged with an offense are up the creek with no paddle. Disgusting that only the rich and Corporations and Government can get their selves heard in a court of law and not abide by the standing’s. We came along way from a Democracy what is it called now, a Joke? Guilty until proven innocent is the new call of the right wing.

  2. There’s no political advantage to fund legal aid. Those who need it don’t often vote, and do not support the Liberals. Effective access to the justice system is limited to those with deep pockets, or government resources. So much for the average “Joe”.

  3. The Canadian legal system is obviously broken. The average stiff can’t afford to hire a lawyer to defend himself, the rich can hire lawyers that can let them get away with crimes that are obvious, and the Canadian judges are completely out of touch with the desires of the Canadian population.