Prince of Pot back in Canada next Tuesday

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Prince of Pot back in Canada next Tuesday

Canada’s Prince of Pot is days away from being back on Canadian soil.

Marc Emery’s wife Jodie says U.S. Marshals will fly her husband to Detroit on Tuesday, drive him to the border which he will then walk across.

She says there are a lot of things he is looking forward to.

“He definitely wants to eat fresh food. He’s looking forward to mangos and cherries and everything delicious and fresh that he’s missed for so many years on a prison food diet.”

In September 2010, Marc Emery was sentenced to five years for selling pot seeds by mail and phone order in the United States.

The Emery’s will be having a victory party in Victory Square on August 17th.


  1. His wife says he misses things like fresh food, Yeah, right, sure; more likely its the pot he is missing. Guess the first thing he is going to do when crosses the border – smoke a joint.

    • So let see now he’s got a good looking wife half his age. And has been locked up for five years. And you think the first thing he’d do when he crosses the border is smoke pot… I’m thinking that Marc Emery isn’t as pro pride as you and besides he can smoke pot in Washington state before he even gets to the border….

      • The only problem he is not being released in Washington State but in Detroit. As far as I know the state of Michigan has not legalized pot.
        I stand by my comment, have you every seen him being interviewed? He always appeared stoned.

      • What part of “fly her husband to Detroit on Tuesday, drive him to the border which he will then walk across” . . . . is confusing for you Tony?

        A day late and a nickel short as per usual . . .

        I would bet he stops off in Ottawa to puff a few with ole Justin . . . lol

  2. This man and his lifestyle are depraved. His pot rallies are not child-friendly yet I see kids there on 420 on the news. Depraved parents bringing kids to pot rallies and Vancouver allows this parade/protest on our streets and outside the art gallery? Disgusting!

  3. Opinionated , crawl back in your hole , he has a beautifull wife , all his own , and they like any normal couple probably enjoy SEX . all thats missing is a little pot some soft Music , Say Stan Getz , And a feast fit for a king , Hay Mark try thouse New Vaperizers , and see you on the 17 th .Welcome Back .

  4. All you guys had better watch yourself. If goofball Justin gets in as Prime Minister, Marc could end up Minister of Justice, if everything goes the way the world is going. It’s getting pretty whacko. If you want to smoke pot, go down to the beach and light up, not inside the library, or driving up to a roadblock????? Who cares?

  5. the anti pot commentators should have had their kids write for them….it would have been more educated than the dribble coming out of their parents….Non educated people writing what they know nothing about, and continue to criticize my meds, when they themselves walk around more stoned than I am with all THEIR meds in them..valium, SSRI’s, even simple cough medicine is more dangerous than pot. I don’t ridicule your meds, HANDS OFF MINE!!

      • Alcohol is the drug of choice for many who also advocate criminalizing cannabis users. Prescription pills are legal drugs and are usually much more harmful than cannabis also. Many compare cannabis to alcohol and prescription drugs to point out the hypocrisy of the prohibitionists’ position. Have you ever noticed that people say ” alcohol and drugs” and “alcoholics and drug-addicts” without batting an eye? That is because they’ve been conditioned by propaganda to view alcohol as somehow different from other drugs. Rather than use the word “hypocrisy”, Dr.Andrew Weil believes the double-standard is due to what he calls “cultural hypnosis”. Many have been “brainwashed” into accepting the status quo in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary. That’s why the comparison! It’s an attempt to waken you.—And calling the mere mention of sex ” vulgar”, and being disgusted by “bedroom antics”, means that cannabis isn’t the only part of nature that you have a problem with! — Be repressed if you wish, but to criminalize others for not being so … now that is disgusting!

      • You must get it by now. Alcohol and cannabis are both drugs. The dangerous one is legal, even celebrated, and the safer one is “demonized”. The better question would be: why do the alcohol and pill users want to criminalize pot users?

  6. It seems that the ignorant don’t understand that alcohol causes way more problems.
    Cannabis is a medicinal plant, alcohol is a depressant that affects your behaviour and thinking to the negative.
    Drunk behaviour for usually involves violence of some kind, fighting, stabbings, shootings, physical abuse by men to women and the list goes on.
    I don’t ever hear of someone “stoned” being mellow stabbing anyone.

  7. Opinionated , Have you ever tried Pot ? Eaton in a cookie , or smoked a joint ?
    That’s the problim , You don’t Know What It’s Like , Is a song from the Sixties , Done By the BeeGEEs . And take away the word love , and add life .