Updated: Clark says initial tailings pond water results ‘promising’

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Premier Christy Clark is finally speaking about the massive tailings pond breach in the Cariboo.

While in Likely to get a first hand look at the damages Christy Clark was quick to rule out a public inquiry into the tailings pond breach.

“At this point we are just a few days in. What we are trying to do is make sure that it is all contained. Make sure that we are protecting the drinking water, the environment, the fish values, the wildlife values, the community, those are the urgent things we need to be thinking about. As that is going the scientists and the technical engineers are gathering as much information as they can.”

The Premier is also asking for patience as they try to figure out why the tailings pond dam breached in the Cariboo.

Christy Clark says it is too early to point fingers after millions of cubic meters of waste water and toxic sediment was released into the environment.

“No one understands how this happened this time. We are goijng to understand thoroughly and in detail how this occured. Once we understand that if changes need to be made we will make them for every mine across the province. Again it is impossible to assign blame for certain aspects of it before we understand what exactly happened.”

Clark says there is no final cost yet for the clean up o fthe millions of cubic meters of waste water and toxic sediment.

But she is confident Imperial Metals will be able to pay the bill, what ever it is.

Clark wouldn’t reveal the initial water test results prior to a 3pm news conference with Likely residents but added that it was ‘promising’.

The Premier says she’s astonished by what she’s seen, calling the damage almost inconceivable.


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  1. We already know exactly what happened , explained to us by the foreman in charge of the tailing pond. Senior managers ignored his warning for two years !
    Seems like Christy is in management protection mode as she did with the Burns lake mill explosion.

  2. Christy Clark was quick to rule out a public inquiry into the tailings pond breach. As they might find evidence to say it was sabotaged, but to not have a public inquiry is like putting the Fox in the hen house on this one! The biggest disaster in BC’s history and no public inquiry, Recall coming soon, don’t you think?

  3. Watched Global news and their anchor’s ,Galis, trying to make the Premier look bad with his crap about it taking her 3 days to get to the site. Her Minister was there pretty damn quick checking on things and getting info for her. I thought this was the way things worked. What happened when you skinned your poor little knee,as a little boy or still, did your mommy have to be there as well as the medical people ? Poor little fellow.

    • So Al. What are you trying to say?
      That snookums should stay home with little Hamie and be a mother?
      Or she should be on another tax payer paid vacation to go some where and eat some more deep fried pets?