Have patience with Genie

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Have patience with Genie

How many of you will quickly dismiss the recent success of Eugenie Bouchard after her opening round loss in Montreal last night?  The answer is many.

After all, Canada is the bandwagon jumping capital of the world…just ask any Canucks, Leafs, heck any Canadian NHL team…if your team is winning, they are the best in the world, if they are losing, they are bums and you move on to something else that is a frontrunner.

How many tennis ‘experts’ popped out of the woodwork to tell us that Eugenie Bouchard is the second coming of Chrissy Evert?  Everyone did.

What we forget many times is that in order to get to your destination, in this case tennis greatness, you must first take the journey…Genie Bouchard has taken some major steps on that road this year, but still has a long way to go.

It is not a shot to say that Bouchard still must grow as a tennis player; it is the reality of the situation.

How many career wins does Bouchard have as a pro…one.  Yet Genie’s Army is already massing to proclaim her to be the best tennis player in the world.

Not so fast and take your time.

Genie is #8 in the World rankings as of this week, a number that will fall with her loss in Montreal.  But what she loses in the World rankings she gains in experience.

Her last two losses have been on big stages…Wimbledon in the finals and her home town of Montreal in the opening round…two crushing defeats to be sure but Genie has said she will grow from the experience and learn to control her nerves.

It’s something that all of the bandwagon jumpers need to do to…because the ride that Genie Bouchard is a sweet one it you just let her enjoy it for a moment, you can enjoy it too.


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