CN Rail says no disruptions yet

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CN Rail says no disruptions yet

It’s business as usual for CN Rail operations on the first day of the Gitxsan First Nation’s eviction notice.

“The British Columbia and Canadian governments are working to address issues raised by Gitxsan chiefs and CN hopes the process will resolve the situation.”

That’s Mark Hallman with CN who says they continue to have a good relationship with Gitxsan leaders.

Last night Chief negotiator Bev Clifton Percival said there would be “activity” on the tracks.

Percival says the issue is that the crown has failed to consult with First Nations, which means the company is trespassing.


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  1. We can thank the morons at the SCOC for this.It was their last ruling that inspired these people to take this action.To be clear,I have a lot of sympathy for a whole lot of First Nations peoples and causes.But the railroad that they are trying to kick out of their territory was built long before the SCOC ruled that they should have been consulted.I think it’s also worth noting that this railroad and all the highways built on those lands have served,and continue to serve First Nations people too.
    But I will say this.If these disruptions and protests continue to increase at the pace that they seem to be,First Nations people risk losing a lot of support from the non First Nations people in this once great nation that want to see their communites enjoy more success in the future.

  2. Welcome to the real world Chief , Pigs don’t Fly , And preatending that some one realy cares other than the voices in your head . Or hold your breath untill you turn blue .
    What bugs you is no one reckignises you as the big shot you think you are . To be leader of a people you have to show leadership , And lead in directions that are good for your people , now and in the future , To say some one is trispassing because they are non natives is a joke ,
    And it just showes your another bigit , And you look prity white to me , In the 375 years my family lived in this country , some where along the line the Natives have married into the family , and their off spring were Canadians , They didn’t just get off the Banana Boat Like is now . Not every body buys your storry , If you want the old days , than take off your jeans , ond put your skins back on , and throw away your Swiss army knife and learn to nap stome , because that is where your coulture was when the white man came .
    Just think no computers , or texting , no booze , fancy cars and truck , and tv , not to mention the abuility to read and write . All these things you got from the white man , and yet you hold other Canadians in contempt , And you want more , in this life there are no givens , you’ll have to work for your future , because your welfair cheque just got cancled in my mind .

  3. Lets send this chief a million $ of our tax money. It’s a million of our tax money because these guys don’t pay taxes.
    I would think a million to this grand poo bah would take care of the problem for a while.
    At least until till he wanted the next million. Time to cut the life line off and they can work for a living and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  4. “The British Columbia and Canadian governments are working to address issues raised by Gitxsan chiefs and CN hopes the process will resolve the situation. Do you really mean they are preparing for Showdown with this small band. I hope for both sides, they step very slowly this is a powder keg.

  5. This has all the makings of a similar situation to the armed standoff with the Natives in Ontario/Quebec over cigarette smuggling. stopping the CN rail from moving is just not realistic , so this is not a good situation.

  6. Glen , when you point a gun at some one you better be ready to use it , because if you don’t cances are , your going to get in more trouble than it’s worth , I saw a shooting when I was 4 years old , and I’ll never forget it .