Education Minister optimistic about teachers’ dispute meeting this week

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Education Minister optimistic about teachers’ dispute meeting this week

Education Minister Peter Fassbender says he’s optimistic about contract talks set for Friday with the BC Teachers Federation – the first such meeting since June.

“I’ve heard through some of the media reports that the BCTF has said they’re prepared to come to the table with some creative ideas. (The BC Public School Employers Association) and the employers’ group is willing to come to the table with some ideas as well and I’m going to leave that for the bargaining table, but to me that’s an encouraging sign.”

Fassbender says he still hopes to reach a contract before the school year, which is set to begin on Sept. 2


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  1. Yes taxpayers $$ don’t grow on trees. However, Liberal misrepresentations do. Last heard from Fassbender was how much money his gov’t has invested in education over the last 10 years, he stated the figure at over $1 billion. By records accessed from the Liberals, the contact breeching saved $270 million per year. That means they spent one billion more but saved close to 3 billion. The money doesn’t need to grow on trees, it just needs to be properly allocated. Good education = good workers. Good workers = good taxpayers/consumers. Good consumers = good for business. The math is obvious to everyone but the Liberals and their short sighted business cronies. Not all business people are that short sighted, it is important to keep that in mind. Finally one should also keep in mind Fassbender’s attitude to the courts and teachers. He was asked about the ongoing court battle and the refusal to address the legal decision already made. He answered to a group of teachers picketing at his constituency office on June 25, “Luckily we live in a democracy and we can ignore the courts.” Enough said.

  2. As far as this taxpayer is concerned, give the teachers the same wage increases as the rest of the public service, no changes permitted in the teachers benefit package, submit the question of class composition to the experts, even to a Royal Commission, but definitely not just a conversation between the BCTF and Government.

    The entire issue surrounds the matter of class composition, which then determines class size. Clearly, given the comments by teachers, the policy of ‘inclusion’ has dismally failed. A change is in order to eliminate this policy.

    • Comments of Bert and Insite before we can make an opinion, is this statement an attack or just how opinionated you really are that you do not have to give one! The courts will have the last word, might be very interesting!

      • No, Insite will tell us how to think. He feels that’s what we need to do is listen to him. No need to challenge since he insists he’s not wrong. As for Bert, we await his meaningless comments.