Gitxsan First Nation to block CN railway

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Gitxsan First Nation to block CN railway

The Gitxsan First Nation in Hazelton is vowing to follow through on its promise and evict non Aboriginal users of its territory.

Chief negotiator Gwaans Bev Clifton Percival says there will be “activity” on the CN rail tracks tonight.

“CN Rail has been trying to help us out here, trying to tell the Crown to deal with this issue, but to no avail so the eviction will just move forward.”

Buoyed by a landmark Supreme Court of Canada decision, hereditary chiefs of the Gitxsan First Nations served eviction notices to CN Rail, logging companies and sport fishermen to leave their lands last month.

Percival said these companies had until Aug. 4 to cease operations and leave 33,000 square kilometers of Gitxsan territory along the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia.

Clifton Percival says the band has been trying to negotiate a treaty with the Crown since 2001 but hasn’t made any progress and hasn’t had any negotiations for several years.

She says in 2012, some of the lands awarded to the Gitxsan in an earlier high court ruling were given to the neighbouring Kitsumkalum and Kitselas nations in an agreement in principle signed with the provincial and federal governments.

The Gitxsan says because of the Crown’s failure to consult them, the companies are trespassing.

Clifton Percival says timber sales, fishing licenses and rail shipments can continue after the Crown has obtained the consent of their chiefs.


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    • I agree 100% – these groups seem to hate us and everything we do so much, then they must also hate our money. You don’t want to be a part of what us ‘whitey’ (and other colours) do – great – find a way to support yourselves without us and the wealth our society creates from now on. I’m sure previous generations weren’t treated the best, but you weren’t the only ones. The ‘privileged lords and ladies of the manor’ didn’t exactly treat the ‘great unwashed peasants’ very well either – and these were their ‘own people’. Learn to live with it and put it behind you like the rest of us did and stop playing the race card.

      Besides, you folks don’t exactly come to the table with clean hands. Remember your history. Natives didn’t always treat other natives in the nicest way. Ever heard of battles/wars between native people or slave taking before ‘whitey’ came to these shores? All peace and love I’m sure.

      But then I’m just a politically incorrect racist, bigot, redneck, etc. etc. Call me what you wish. But realize no matter what label you put on me, I’m just tired of ingrates taking our money then spitting in our face – and this sentiment isn’t reserved just for natives.

  1. I guess that’s one way of doing it , but being a big pain in the ass isn’t the answer .
    Maybe the government doesn’t want any thing to do with you because of this reason ‘
    The other two bands got some of the land as well , and now your going to stop a few traines. and up set things for as meny non natives as you can . So now your king of the Jungle . and not a nat on an elefant’s ass .

  2. I totally agree with the first posting. If folks want to block commerce to Canada, then they can live without us. No services back. Medical, dental, food, infastructure. They could be back in the Stone Age in weeks if that is what they want. Go for it! Betcha they don’t like it.

  3. the so called first nations came from another country. That country was CHINA, DNA proves that Indians came from there. They crossed on the land bridges an dice fields. Just check it out. I have asked CKNW talk show hosts to do a segment on this, but to no avail. Enough is enough,

  4. If I were a retailer in Canada, I would serve notice to all the bands in my area that I would no longer provide them with any goods or services of any kind. If explained to all Canadians the reason for doing so. I believe the support from the rest of us would be there. Do you think any of the big box retailers or transportation companies would do this. Don’t hold your breath ….

  5. I agree-cut them off 100%.

    The reason so few treaties have been signed are:

    1. There are too many “nations”-it is administratively impossible to reach settlements on a timely basis with so many.
    2. First Nations don’t want to sign on too soon in case someone after them gets a better deal. So, a full and final settlement is impossible.
    3. Insiders in the first nations benefit from the status quo anyway.
    4. There is a huge “First Nation consultancy” industry based in Moonbeamville (Vancouver) and they benefit tremendously from all of this, thus permitting fancy offices and expensive condos for the partners.

    The political and economic model used by first nations is flawed and won’t work to produce prosperity. Everything is owned by the government, so the benefits do not accrue to members personally but to government . This invites corruption and does not guarantee that treaty benefits will flow out to members in an equitable manner. This model is attractive to progressives like the NDP because this is what they would wish on all of us but won’t admit it.

    But, no criticism of FN’s or their culture is permitted. Anyone who tries is greeted with a firestorm of hostility. It means that this group will have to be paid off to re open the rail lines-pay and keep your mouth shut

    • Trespassing? OK just who is going to arrest who? And, who gave the power of arrest to native ‘governments’?

      Don’t you realize, governments – like most (if not everything) governments do – have made a royal mess (sorry Queenie no offense intended) out of treaty negotiations. By signing treaties that (probably) the majority of Canadians (at least Bristish Columbians) disagree with, you end up creating more hatred and instability; rather than peaceful co-existence. Those paying the freight (= taxpayers) get downright ticked when they see a few racially-based groups feeding on the results of their hard work and then acting like a bunch of spoiled children. This does not exactly foment good relations within our province.

      When BC joined Confederation, the Province of BC included ALL of the province – including ‘native’ lands. Question – why is the province not being compensated for giving up THEIR lands to settle native claims? Indian (Native) affairs is a FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITY not a provincial one. It should be the Federal government that pays the freight for treaty settlement – not the people of BC (yes, I realize BC is still part of Canada!)

      So, again I ask, why isn’t BC being compensated – by the Federalis – for lost land values, lost income from resources, etc. etc.? I would guess the Federalis need the money to pay Equalization to Quebec (the favoured child – speaking of spoiled children) – and Ontario. As an exercise, take a look at Equalization and where most of the money for Equalization is now coming from and going to? Native land claim settlement is just another slap in our face.

      Our bureaucrats and politicians are once again not representing the interests of the taxpayers in this province; and the BC taxpayer continues to play the patsy for Eastern/Central Canada.

      • “Native Governments” ?

        They have no more status than the local mayor . . . and certainly have NO right to trespass on privately owned land. Whether that land belongs to YOU or to the CNR.

        It is unfortunate that when BC became a province the Indian population was not dealt with treaties as their counterparts in the rest of Canada were.
        Today the BC taxpayer will pay much of the freight for this oversight.
        This has been going on for 100 years now . . . perhaps if ole Mackenzie King had given them the same treatment he gave Japanese Canadians back in the 40s . . .

        Read the treaties of the Alberta Bands and other provinces . . . they certainly do not resemble the decisions made by the Supreme Court in recent years.

        The Indian Act is a joke and has created the situation we have today, including the thieving chiefs . . . time to free the captives . . . some kind of one time settlement with each family needs to happen . . . and end this nonsense forever.

  6. How many BILLIONS of $ have we given these people over the years? Are we sure WE don’t already own this land? These people do not want to be Canadians, they want to live historically. Lets give them their Teepees and dugout living quarters. No more schools,hospitals nothing we called civilised and watch how happy they become. NOT.

  7. The planet earth is a tiny, tiny speck in the universe. Homo sapiens move about this tiny speck. No part of the earth should be claimed by any race for any reason. We do have a government in Canada that regulates immigration. All people living in Canada should be considered equal Canadians. My ancestors have been on this continent for many generations. Should East Indians and Chinese immigrants pay my freight because I was here first? I did not arrive from outer space so where do I go to get a free lunch? This whole Indian/French ass kissing has to stop here and now.

  8. How about getting the Gitxsan to list all their treaty demands.
    And then see what the issues are with the government.
    There’s likely a good reason that treaty negotiations have not progressed.

  9. How are they going to to enforce this eviction? I get the train one, put trees and what not over the tracks.. But honestly how can you enforce the fishermen? Shoot them, harass them, assault them? All illegal in Canada, so again, looks like they dont want/need laws of Canada. They like to play the we were here first card, but they are all from somewhere else too, just so happened to be lucky and find it first, you should have held it better.

  10. Thanks to all have commented. It would be interesting if NW aired these comments and asked if others agreed. Time to get OUR feelings know. We are the ones footing the bill.