“Don’t get mad, get political” says BC’s Prince of Pot

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"Don't get mad, get political" says BC's Prince of Pot

“That old phrase don’t get mad get even, well in a democracy it’s don’t get mad get political.”

BC’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery vows to rally behind Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in an attempt to oust the Conservatives in the 2015 federal election.

“With this opportunity that Justin Trudeau has put forward to Canadians by saying I’ll legalize marijuana, this is our great opportunity, this is the most pivotal election for the millions and millions of Canadians who want to see marijuana legalized.”

He adds “legalization in one word is the entire message. Legalization means a completely taxed and regulated medium of exchange. It means people will not go to jail, it means people won’t be punished in possession of it, it means there would be a regulatory system at work like there is in Washington and Colorado.”

Emery was speaking with Roy Green on the Corus Radio Network from a detention facility in Louisiana awaiting paperwork to be completed before he can return home to Canada.

Emery’s sentence for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana ended July 9th, and he expresses his discontent with the delays.

“The Canadian government knows I’m here, the American government knows I’m here, they could have had my passport information all done and completed by the time I finished by sentence, but they don’t do that, they don’t share information with the bureau of prisons for the Department of Homeland Security.”

Emery expects to return home within the next few weeks.


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  1. Is this guy perpetually stoned? Does he not understand Canadian politics is a lot more than one rather insignificant question? Politics involves much thought and defined positions of governing the community, province or nation including justice, laws protecting its members, fiscal policy, guiding and directing goals for the future, foriegn affairs and the administration of public affairs. To think of politics as point of view on weed is nothing more than a frivolous distraction. It may or may not be part of the much larger concept of governance, but to “the prince of pot” nothing else really seems to matter. Justin (who’s even placed ads looking for more “smarts”) deserves this dude on his team and I hope they will be happy together after their flop on election day.

    • Legalize everything. But if you wind up in the hospital because of drugs in the system, you pay the full amount for being treated. Medical care costs are high enough, and funds should be directed to those with true illness and injury. Self inflicted poisoning means you pay for being treated.

      • Are you a hypocrite! You right wingers only can say pay, pay. I got news for you people making minimum wages or part time do not pay anything, no MSP or PST. Your Liberals were so proud that over 1million people don’t pay income taxes. Most of the drugs that are consumed the majority want to forget what a dismal life they have long waiting list to get into the trades and now find out that the LNG plants will be build by Chinese workers, you people of the right, make people to what they are by offering nothing, but leave them an out a cheap high that’s 10times more powerful than that bottle of Scotch you swill! When they get sick if they do not have the money you are saying they can just die? Typical in lotus land.

    • He made a lot of money peddling weed. He lived in a high end Coal Harbour condo and drove a late model Thunderbird. Hardly the “slacker” like the slacker he sold the weed to.
      Question is, how has he evaded Revenue Canada?

    • Pot addict and just what is this? Do you know what it’s like to be high on weed? I think not!, seems Marc Emery and his wife Jodie will be just fine with a gold plated pension that will really get you lot reeling with envy and drive you to start smoking pot! He sold seeds and now Harper took growing grass away from the legal growers and gave that to his friend in Richmond. I wonder if he gets to cut his grass.

  2. Emery is just an anti regulation nit wit that must be accepted to the return to Canada with maximum limits to deal the way he did. Secondly, if the Federal Liberals accept him or his wife as a candidate for election, then the Liberals and Justine Trudeau are idiots.

  3. It was that long ago that everywhere one went, there were smokers. People smoked in restaurants, in airliners, even on the job (remember ashtrays for bank tellers?).
    Non smokers hated it, coming home with clothes fouled by tobacco, smelling like a filthy ashtray. Non smokers all cheered as society by and large kicked the tobacco habit. But now we are back to where we started. Condo and apartment elevators and common areas reek of weed. With the hot weather, we can’t open our condo windows, because inconsiderate Pot Heads light up and the stink wafts in via open windows. Have we devolved as a society to the point where being high is the reason for living?

  4. Cannabis will soon be legalized and Emery continues to play a large part in that process. It is a wonderful medicinal plant and millions of responsible people use it recreationally. The Conservative solution of building a prison for every complex social problem is cruel, costly, and ineffective. And, since alcohol is legal, let’s add hypocritical. So everybody should pour themselves a nice stiff drink, or twist up a phattie, because the witch hunt is almost over!
    No more criminalizing your friends, neighbours and relatives because they chose to use cannabis for whatever personal reason.
    As long as they aren’t selling it to children or driving under the influence, it is nobody’s business if they do!

    • Everything you say are lies perpetrated by the marijuana industry who want to sell a product; not unlike the cigarette makers in the 1950′s and ’60s who used doctors to promote cigarettes. The dope pushers keep saying “pot is harmless” when plenty of medical studies say otherwise.
      As for alcohol being legal, adding another substance for people to abuse will only add to social problems. Now in addiction to drunk drivers, we will see more doped up drivers who will cause more accidents. Not to mention workplace accidents since pot stay in your system longer than alcohol.
      With legalization of pot , even more children will get easier access as there will be more marijuana available. Take cigarettes for example, they are not allowed to be sold to people 18, yet plenty of teenagers smoke them.

      • No threat will make people stop drinking, smoking, toking and taking other drugs. The prohibition only makes people want to do it more; it’s the “forbidden fruit” phenomenon. The only way to get people to make wise decisions is to allow them to make their own choice (once they are adults capable of informed consent). Your personal morality, based on your beliefs, is simply not relevant in matters of personal choice. You might think that abortion or homosexuality is wrong, or that shopping on Sunday is wrong, or that listening to Rap music is wrong, but your opinion matters not when it comes to matters of personal choice. When it comes to my body and my life, I make the decision and definitely not you.
        People have been driving high for decades; legalizing it will finally give you some control over that! Children have had easy access to cannabis for decades, and legalization will finally give you some control over that as well. Bottom line? Drug laws have to be fair and minimally obtrusive. So no driving stoned and no selling to minors, otherwise … are you familiar with the song “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”?

      • Richard you really do not know what you are talking about, people have been driving high for 30+years where have you been man, to the Liberals outreach tea party and lost all sense of reality!

  5. The Tories must be salivating at the thought of Marc Emery campaigning side by side with Justin Trudeau. Remember that Emery’s wife want to run in Vancouver East, so everytime Trudeau comes to Vancouver we will see Marc with Trudeau.

  6. Hay Ron Bla Bla , if you don’t like some thing than change it . screw the law if it’s meaning less
    and unfair , brought in back in the 1930s , by a bunch of Bigits . And countroled by a bunch of goose stepping jerkes .
    If you want to use it that’s your Business , and the hell with the Morealists , that only want to controle every one .

    • Perhaps George you should read some of the recent studies from Harvard on the MJ issue.
      Most of the folks I know that use regularly have the depth and intelligence of Justin . . . at last sounding that was about 2 inches.

  7. With all the serious problems in the world today, it’s mind-boggling that Emery truly thinks a single illegal item is an important issue. Not only that, but important enough to choose our next Prime Minister based on his opinion on this one subject to the exclusion of all other truly important matters of state. It must be a strange world to live in where you wake up thinking of legal pot, spend the day talking about and lobbying for legal pot, and go to bed dreaming of legal pot. If he was fighting for a deregulation of all consumption (as in, everyone should be free to consume whatever they want with no government interference), that would at least make sense as a philosophical viewpoint. But to spend every waking minute of your life trying to get the government to supervise your use of a single product is really quite sad. And the fact that he gets so much attention in the political arena is a shame because it distracts from the real issues at hand like the economy and foreign affairs.

    • Cannabis is representative of a much larger and extremely important issue: individual liberty. Whether it is Sunday Shopping Laws, censorship of the arts, or the prohibition of cannabis, the real issue is freedom of choice. That is what is worth spending our days thinking about, and our nights dreaming about, and our lives fighting for: the freedom to make our own decisions. Lose that and you’ve lost everything!
      So cannabis is not a silly distraction; it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise of great economic importance, and it is a symbol against right-wing oppression.
      Trudeau has my vote, as long as he supports the complete legalization of cannabis.

  8. I can’t wait to see the photo ops, Marc, Petunia(?)and Justin, the 3 stooges. 95% of Canadians don’t give a hoot about pot, they are more concerned with taxation, lack of service, pitiful pensions, and the way all governments pee money down the drain, with pockets at the end of the drain. Trudeau isn’t doing himself any good with these two on his shirt tails. Many of us, remember the antics of Justin’s old man, touted to be a great statesman, but Peeair and Margie were also the embarrassment of the day. Him with Streisand while her with Jagger, sitting on the floor of some swank nightclub in New York(That photo was a beaut). They put Canada, at the top, the comedy of the world. If Trudeau pipes off, using pot legalization, too much, he will do himself and the party in. If you come right down to it, all the parties stink.

    • Wishes like your pipedreams and the now 60+ billion debt in BC and more spending to come.Now with the mining failures at every turn for lack of oversight in how these guys run their daily operations and over see themselves! Just like you Liberals letting the Fox guard the hen house now spend, spend on the clean ups in our rivers and lakes. OH! Pipelines, anyone for fracking? Really!

  9. Dale I hope it’s bigger than 2 inches , You have to take the bad with the good ,
    The thing that bugs me is people judge you by the stuff you own , Not so much as how I aquired the stuff . I could be a thief , like num nuts in Qoquitlem . Than I could be rich and infamous , like Harper .

    • Read with Understanding George . . . “depth and intelligence of Justin” . . . in other words . . . Shallow as in 2 inches.

      Don’t follow YOUR logic George . . . everything I have I worked very hard for . . . I earned it . . . unlike your band chief or the folks at Portland.

      Harper is far from perfect . . . but the BEST PM in the last 40+ years.
      Canada is one of the most stable countries on the planet and our Deficit is pretty much erased this year. I don’t believe he is “Rich” . . . but he has worked hard for what he has . . .
      Unlike of course Pierre or Justin . . . as they inherited their 1%er status.

      With Justin we would have a leader like the USA . . . a man with little to offer and a thin resume.

  10. “So don’t get mad, get political” says the pot princess. What irony. Isn’t that what Harper did to her pothead hubby when he sent him packing for a US prison? And as a final poke in the eye, Harper must of had Emery’s passport sent by snail mail. Gotta love it. If pot is ever legalized, Emery’s stone faced grin should be on every pack of weed…as a warning label.

  11. Latest news from Colorado . . . since MJ was legalized a few months ago . . . the black market has not only grown, they are even getting higher prices for their stuff today. Thanks to the high taxes on the govt stuff . . . the gang-banger trade is flourishing.

    Isn’t that just the opposite of what the dopers told us?

  12. Hay Dale , if it were legal , would it realy matter that some one were alowed to make a profit on the pot , other than the government , why should I give them most of my money , in the hope that I’ll get the services that I payed for , and the right to make my own desigens , and have freedom of choice , which apears to be a gray area , in the charter of rights , Just as long as the State / Church / or Instatution . goes along with it , than it can be a right , injoyed by all ,
    But when money is involved , like booze or tobacco , they tax the hell out of you ,
    Being robbed by your own government , than haveing the gutless oppazition going along with
    it . Now the pot industry is some what for sale by the Government ,
    You can grow with their Licence , cost big money , so some cancer pashent or other unfortunenit . can benafit from the medicen , weather you bake with it or vape it . and it works for you .
    Some of the worse , and most abused drugs are the drugs being perscribed by Doctors , made by Big Drug Comanys . The side efects are what make you sicker than you should be .
    Try getting off Sairoides some time , Where every joint in your body hurts , and a little Kush and it’s gone for a wile , Don’t use Advill , it will damage your kidnees .