Hundreds rally at Vancouver Art Gallery for peace in Gaza

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Hundreds rally at Vancouver Art Gallery for peace in Gaza

About five hundred protestors showed up at the Vancouver Art Gallery this afternoon in support of Palestine.

Organizers say they’re sick of the violence in Gaza.

“It’s a complete terror for people in Gaza right now. People can’t sleep, they never know when they’re building is going to be bombed, even U-N buildings have been bombed; places that are supposed to be safe. And this is being called a war crime. It is a war crime.”

“I believe Jewish people and Palestinian people can live together, but I think that Israel is not a government that wants peace.”

Janine Solanki says the brutality in Gaza has carried on long enough.

“As we saw today, people want to see an end to these criminal acts against the Palestinian people – against this brutality and that’s why we had so many people out here expressing that and the attacks on Gaza.”

Despite having family in Israel, Noah Fine empathizes with Palestinians who have suffered the most human casualties in the conflict.

“My heart even as a Jewish person is going out to the Palestinian people, defenseless against one of the most powerful military mights in this world, against people who have nothing except what they can make in their own home.”

The conflict is now in its 26th day with over sixteen hundred Palestinians killed in the process.


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  1. So, where are the signs that say ” Stop Hamas “?, another example of ill informed people protesting something they know little about nor the reasons behind this situation… Hamas has gone on record saying that no peace will ever occur until Israel is obliterated , they are the side that doesn’t want peace….

    • Unfortunately the ill- informed have loud voices and much clout in Canada.
      My question is – why isn’t the UN on the ground monitoring who’s doing what.
      At the very least they could verify Hamas breaking the cease-fire.
      Or better still – why not have UN troupes verifying location of Hamas artillery positioned adjacent to schools and hospitals.
      And then demanding their removal.

  2. I’m sure this will stop the war when they read it over there.
    It will NEVER end until one side is totally eliminated.
    It is all about religion. Eliminate all religions and you will eliminate over 99% of the wars in this world!!

    It’s been that way since we all slimed our way out of the ocean.

  3. “I believe Jewish people and Palestinian people can live together, but I think that Israel is not a government that wants peace.”

    It’s my understanding that people of all race and religion live together in Israel. It is not the Israeli government declaring the end of the Palestinian existence but Hamas trying to kill every Jew. Their purpose and intent is the same as Adolf HITLER’s. Today’s left and much of the media seem to be OK with that.

    Interesting that our Prime Minister has voiced his support for nations like Israel and Ukraine who are under attack from tyrants like Hamas and Russia while the United States president goes AWOL and John KERRY tries to broker peace under ridiculous terms for Israel.

  4. Right on Micah. Actually, the war crimes are being committed by Hamas-specifically, sending rockets into Israel and using non combatants as human shields. But, the anti Israel types (who are anti-Semites if they would just be honest enough to admit it) aren’t interested.

    I wonder why these protesters are not sick of the violence being caused in Nigeria by the Islamist terror group, Boko Haram. They are using 10 year old girls as suicide bombers. But then, the world news media finds it too dangerous to get to the interior of Nigeria. Covering Gaza, they can stay in nice hotels in Israel.

  5. “Organizers say they’re sick of the violence in Gaza.”

    Perhaps if they had gotten “Sick” a few months ago . . . when thousand of missiles were being directed into Israel . . . I might believe them . . . but it seems these folks only appear when Israel attempts to DEFEND itself.
    Suspect none of these folks would want indiscriminate missile attacks in their hood . . .

    Read the Hamas Charter . . . it explains everything for the Uninformed ! ! !

  6. Can anyone out there in newsland tell me why the Hamas, elected by the Palestinians, are not being called what they are? They are gutless Cowards. They hide their command posts in, under or very close to Schools, hospitals, along with their arms. If you want to be true Martyrs come out from your hidey holes and do battle.
    Why do the Palestinians not destroy these hidden rocket sites. if you do not they are going to get you and your families killed. which way do you wish your families to be killed, going after these cowards or staying out and becoming collateral damage?

  7. According to the media reports the director of the UNRWA shelter that was bombed was asked if Hamas was using the site to fire rockets into Isreal. His response was “he was too busy to notice” but their staff claimed they made 17 calls to the IDF to announce their GPS position which usually prevents them from being shelled. Now the question is why would they call 17 times? Is Telus also their only cell carrier? The only rational reason is because this shelter was as the IDF claimed used to fire rockets and Gazans were used as human shields. But for the BBC and the CNN viewers, Hamas needs the highest body count possible to advance their laughable claim of victimization and if hundreds die so much the better.