Construction causes traffic headaches for Horshoe Bay ferry passengers

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Construction causes traffic headaches for Horshoe Bay ferry passengers

If you were sailing out of Horseshoe Bay tonight, chances are you got caught in some lengthier than normal lineups.

Construction along the Nelson Creek Bridge just before the ferry terminal was the culprit for backups which extended onto Highway 1, leaving many passengers trapped on the shoulder of the highway.

BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall admits the busy long weekend delayed many passengers.

“We did have two sailings to Langdale that did not sail at full capacity because we couldn’t get the traffic off the highway and into the ticketed lanes in a timely manner. But what we did do was put one extra sailing to help with the traffic volume.”

Some sailings left the terminal only half-full, practically unheard of on the long-weekend.

Passengers who have taken the ferries on a regular basis and were stuck in the chaos say they had never experienced traffic backup quite like it.


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  1. I think that road construction plan should have to factor traffic. I get really of tire of the public being told we the driving public have to protect those working without any mention of construction sites facilitating the travelling public and holding travellers at ransom by blocking traffic. I believe that these construct companies purposely screw up traffic. How about a campaign to have road constructions site be more accommodating to the travelling public.

    • Howard
      There is some truth in what you said….I drove through there at 6 and back out at 7.

      I saw flaggers screaming hard at traffic going less than 30k .
      Cars were in a long snake of traffic and no one could speed up or slow down but the tirade was indiscriminate.

      I twice saw workers moving cones on the travelled portion of the freeway with their rear ends to traffic with a sense of invincibility.

      Flaggers seem to have the same sense of impunity that cyclist think they have.
      Btw despite there currently being zero shoulder on that portion of the freeway, there are more than 100 cyclist per hour going through that construction zone.

      Who wants to bet whether this construction is complete before the Gran Fondeau?

  2. This a prime example of idiot A not knowing what idiot B is doing. We came up to Langdale the previous week, |(Thursday) and there was no one on the Nelson Creek Bridge. Not one worker. 9:00 a.m. It’s almost as though the Liberals do their best to drive Sunshine Coast residents nuts, because we are an NDP riding. If we voted Liberal, we’d have a tunnel over here or 2 boats running 24/7; C’est le vie!

  3. Ya! How dare road improvement crews work on lovely sunny days – especially when I want to go somewhere. They should stick to blizzards, nasty storms, or at the very least, between 4 and 5 am only. And who cares about better highways anyways? Everyone knows the Ministry of Highways is just out to make us all late for dinner.
    You’d sure never hear me complaining about daily congestion, dangerous areas or that bad roads never roads never get fixed.