Bill Good’s last day on the job at CKNW

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980
Bill Good’s last day on the job at CKNW

“Live from Downtown Vancouver, this is the Bill Good Show.”

He is an icon in Canadian Broadcasting, and today, after nearly 26 years, CKNW Talk Show Host Bill Good is stepping away from the microphone.

Good joined CKNW back in 1988, and has since interviewed Hollywood starlets, sports stars, labour leaders, Premiers and Prime Ministers.

Good is illustrious for hosting provincial-election leaders’ debates.

Good is also a Webster, ACTRA and RTDNA award winner- often recognized for his hard-hitting interviews.

To the man who has become an institution in this province, we tip our hats to you.



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  1. a Right Wing Icon

    a dedicated gordon campbell and christy clark backer

    an incredibly biased broadcaster, but thats his calling in life ….more power to him!!!

    • There are some occasions when the classy thing to do is keep your personal crap to yourself and just wish another person well.

      No one has all the right answers, including you.

      If you can’t say something nice, or even neutral, why not just shut up for just one day?

  2. Congrats to Bill on a great career. Smart, fair and willing to ask the tough questions in a simple way. Bill wasn’t afraid to make his opinions known, and most of the time I think he represented a majority position on key issues. His show became a ‘must-do’ for those in power and we should all thank Bill for holding them to account. He’ll certainly be missed.

  3. Where’s the fan fare for Till? He wasn’t exactly an overcooked sweet bread. Good was always a Liberal cheerleader, with a wishy washy opinion on pretty much everything. Till covered hurricanes, 911 live, and his commentaries were world class. His background prior to NW was worldly. I don’t think Till gave a rat’s — about B.C. politics, as it always has, and will continue to be,,,,, a sitcom. Till had a brilliant international opinion on important issues.
    Phillip, if you read this, why don’t you go see the folks at CBC and do a daily commentary for CBC Radio, similar to that which Bruce Allan does for NW. I bet it would pay you enough for insurance, gas for your motorbike, and wine for your butler!
    Cheers to both of you.

  4. often recognized for his hard-hitting interviews….Really?…When?…A true Christy and Gordo fan, to say the least…Webster was hard hitting, Bill is a junior….

    • Here, Here. I once was behind Webster in a small market in Ganges on Saltspring, where he called home. He was the same buying a loaf of bread, as he was, chewing on WAC Bennett or Phil Gaglardi. There was shear brilliance out of Webster. I think he may have been half in the bag, some of the time?

  5. Bill Good a great broadcaster, a wonderful person will be missed. His interviews were balanced and fair to all sides, indeed informative and educational in many respects.

    CKNW will miss him as will a good deal of British Columbians.

  6. I hope his replacement would be Alex G Tsakumis. He might be a little green and inexperienced. But he would hold his guess feet to the fire. No more soft ball questions. And Alex just may bring some credibility back to NW. He is no NDP but a Progressive Conservative I believe. And has a good working knowledge of both Provincial and Federal workings of Governments

    • No way. He’s no NDP’er? Of course he is. How could you possibly miss it?
      One thing that made Bill Good so popular is that (while you might suspect he leans one way or the other) he didn’t make the 3 hours about HIS politics or HIS opinion. That’s what makes an interesting moderator and host.

      • Now that is a stretch there Ronny, He did all of what you say he didn’t and more! A.T. hates the NDP, He is a Con through and through, but I would love to see him come on and take on the Liberals and NDP if anything the for just the truth.