Family of Langley man killed in hit-and-run crash consider suing

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Family of Langley man killed in hit-and-run crash consider suing

The brother of a Langley man killed in a hit and run involving an RCMP employee last year says his fight for justice is not over.

Adam Leduc says he’s looked at the Police Complaints Commission report summary, released yesterday, into his brother Andrew’s death. He was hit by a truck last August in the Langley Bypass.

It has him even more stunned that the driver, who fled the scene, won’t be charged.

“I think a nice long letter with a copy of that report to the Attorney General couldn’t hurt anything. Like I say, I’ve never had to deal with this before. I have to keep looking at our options.”

Leduc says he will look at a lawsuit, although he doesn’t have a lot of money for that. But he says doing nothing isn’t fair to Andrew.

He accepts the driver perhaps didn’t see Andrew on the road, but doesn’t understand how an RCMP collision recreation expert could drive off after impact, wash blood off his truck, and not immediately contact police.


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  1. This stinks big time, he knows the drill and truly no different than Monty Robinson and his I went home, left a man to die to have a drink or two to steady myself.

    Amazing after 3 hours, oh my truck struck something I better report it. Beats the demand for a breath test demand.

    Absolutely so RCMP the way that this has been handled, as they seem to work overtime to protect such truly guilty people.