UPDATED: CP Rail to deal with Arbutus gardens ‘case by case’ after deadline passes

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People living along the Arbutus corridor in Vancouver don’t need to worry about bulldozers coming through after a CP Rail deadline to remove personal property passes, at least not in the short term.

CP spokesman Ed Greenberg the company’s approach on Aug. 1 is not to start dismantling community gardens.

“Work on the line will be continuing, but we have a plan in place on how to continue track improvement in this area and handle the removal of any remaining encroachments as work progresses.”

He says remaining belongings will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

CP gave notice to residents and schools in May they were preparing to run trains on the tracks again.

The city has offered to buy the land for $20 million dollars, but CP has asked for $100 million.

Penny Hurt grew up in this neighbourhood and has been harvesting produce from land next to the tracks since the early 1980s.

She insists her garden can still thrive if rail traffic resumes.

“I’m certainly going to stay here. I have my portion from the city, which I intend to keep. Whether or not I am able to keep what CP Rail are claiming remains another story. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Hurt adds a community barbecue is planned for Thursday night and she plans to serve fresh raspberries.


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  1. The city should just expropriate the land, I was likely given to some train company in the
    past. We should be able to just take it back. $20 million is a generous offer considering how the Canadian railways were given huge tracks of land in the early years of the Canadian railways.

    • I wouldn’t give a City expropriation capabilities especially a City with a Council like Vancouver has at the moment. And I think you’re being a little cavalier with land other people own. I can see your hypocritical stance changing quite quickly if a City with expropriation powers decided they wanted your land for 1/5 of the price you were asking for it.

    • BIgP: What you are proposing is NOT expropriation; it is theft/confiscation without fair compensation!
      Expropriation involves purchasing the land at fair value; not what people like you or the freeloaders in City Hall suddenly decide it’s worth. From what I understand, the value of that property (to the OWNER and everyone but a few thieves) is around $150-$200 Million (and that may be a bargain).
      Think about it (may be tough for you to do, but try). This is a strip of land, in some of the highest valued land in North America. It runs from the Fraser to False Creek (I estimate it’s in the range of 5-10 miles long). Not a real estate agent, but I believe houses in Vancouver run between $500K to $800-900K; and that’s for a dump on a ‘city’ lot where the value is in the land not in the structure. So, how many lots could you carve out of that property? I believe a lot more than $20M worth.
      I am tired of evil, Progressive thieves that love to confiscate the wealth of others and love to spend ‘OPM’; that love to live on the backs of those that work hard in our society. I am tired of small-minded individuals that are constantly trying to erode our liberty until we start to look like a third-world commie encampment. If that’s the way you wish to live, I would suggest you go to a place that embraces this immoral behaviour; a place in which you would be much happier. Maybe take a couple of your Progressive friends under each arm while you’re at it. Moonbeam would be a good starter.
      I am tired of mental midgets trying to tell others how to live their lives.

  2. It looks like the “Creme de la Creme” better get their crap off the rail line or they will be creamed by an iron horse. I can hardly wait until those cars run down the line 5X a day blowing their whistles at 2AM- just in time for the civic election. I’m looking investment properties in the area but I think I’ll wait until next year… after prices fall 15%-20%. CP is 50 billion $ company having a good laugh at Moonbeams’ pre-election 10 million offer because they know their rail cars will be running long after Mayor Moonbeam is kicked to the political curb and the longer their horns blow through the night, the higher the price will be. Let the fun begin.

  3. So, what I take away from this story is that if your rich, it’s perfectly acceptable to tress-pass onto another individuals (in this case companies) property, plant some gardens and set up chairs and park benches. You can also blatantly refuse to remove said material when so asked. But if your homeless, well now, that’s different – you can’t tress-pass on property, set up gardens, or grow your food. There will be a public outcry that “these people” have no rights to do that; that they should just move on. And manure will be spread on the property in an attempt to do so. So someone explain to me, why is it alright for the rich to tress-pass without any consequences while it’s not alright for a homeless person to do so?

  4. Most people forget the crème de la crème lived happily along that track for 80 years – without complaint. The only ones excited are a few lettuce heads. The real fear will be Moonbeam whining that they paid too much for it and are going to have to rezone it for their developer friends to build condos and “affordable housing” to balance the books. Don’t forget Olympic Village and who made millions off of it.

  5. Buying the coradoor , and useing the tracks for a LRT line , and use the sides for public gardens and green space enjoyed by all , instead of a bunch of cheep shacks , they call houses these days , just more Skinner Boxes .