Skateboarding still legal in Coquitlam

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Skateboarding still legal in Coquitlam

Skateboarding in public is still legal in Coquitlam for now.

City councillor Craig Hodge says they’ve decided against imposing a ban after much discussion at a public hearing last night.

“We recognize the need for public safety, particularly around the issue of longboarding, but it’s a challenge as to how to enforce that, recognizing that a lot of people do use skateboards and scooters responsibly.”

Hodge says city staff will review the current policy and possibly come back with recommendations at a later date.


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  1. Why wouldn’t it be legal?
    If bikes are allowed on the road skate boarders (ESPECIALLY longboards) should be. Longboards have amazing control and stopping power.
    I have never seen a skate boarder run a red light either.

  2. hello ? Have you been paying atention to the news coming out of the North Shore ? These young punks get going way to fast on the downhill sections of the streets !

    Skateboarding should be restricted to skateboard parks …. period ,,, there is no room for them on sidewalks or city streets

    • In your first paragraph were you talking about bikes or skateboards…if bikes I agree.
      If skateboards, its a rare skateboard that goes “too fast”…rarely over 30kph
      If longboards, they have complete control.

      Don’t fall off your dinasaur.