Premier sides with Israel in Gaza bloodshed

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Premier Christy Clark is choosing sides in the latest bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.

Clark says as the world watches in agony, we recognize the need for a ceasefire.

She goes on to say “Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens against terrorist attacks.”

The Premier says we need to remember the values we share with Israel: a vibrant, culturally rich democratic nation committed to maintaining the rights of its citizens, regardless of gender or religion.

Her statement is posted online at  the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs website.


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  1. A “nation committed to maintaining the rights of its citizens”, not sure Madame Justice Griffin would agree with you Madame Premier with respect to your government’s history of negotiations with teachers. But why let the facts stand in the way of an opportunity to make any issue, even one as remote to B.C. as the Palestinian question, something other than a gratuitous opportunity to promote yourself. Christy first.

    • Unfortunately this conflict is closer to us than you realize. WW111 is already underway and the Enemy is Muslim Extremism. Either we take a stand like Israel now or in twenty years your daughters will be wearing burkas and all women will be treated with less respect than camels or asses.

    • Wow. I missed any hint self-promotion in her letter but then I wasn’t trying to invent what wasn’t there either. I guess you missed that she was simply supporting the democracy of Israel and their right to defend themselves from terrorists. Interesting how you compare the BCTF to Hamas though, but it’s a bit too much of a stretch for me.

    • BP . . . you Mike and Tony all seem to support Hamas . . . a Terrorist Organization.

      My little tip to you . . . always side with the “Civilized Man” . . . there is Only One Democracy in the ME . . .

      BP – Have you Read the Hamas Charter . . . it a good place to start for the Uninformed !

      • I guess when she looks at her own citizens as not being liberal or Conservative, they have no place in the right wing of the free enterprise of BC, it wouldn’t take much for Harper and follower CC to deem Canadian citizens terrorist! Hence, the 50 sharpshooters in BC stadium practising to shoot said terrorist earlier this year ? Anyone against pipelines or Fracking or anything that gets in the way of Foreign Corporations getting rich off our resource are said be terrorist?

  2. And little Missy has spoken on behalf of who? With her extensive knowledge of what? Is this really what we are paying her for – she can’t even handle a labour dispute!!!!!

  3. I agree with her comments and believe she is correct in making them. The issues in the middle east are much more important and significant than the teacher’s dispute. Get real.

  4. I am not an admirer of either Clark or the Libs, but with regard to what she says here I support Her 100%. This is not a political statement but one of heartfelt belief. I will cut our Premier some slack , all of you should do the same. If you think Hamas can be negotiated with think about this. ” If Hamas disarmed today there would be peace tomorrow, if Israel disarmed today, there would be no Israel tomorrow. “

  5. Imagine the outrage that would be directed to Mayor Robertson and his council if and when the City of Vancouver wades into an issue that is none of its business. But CC will get a pass because Ron -26 and Commonsense hold her and her government to a very low standard.

    Foreign affairs is neither the provincial government’s or her responsibility. Nor is foreign affairs her area of expertise. She needs to butt out.

    It would be preferable if she paid attention to her own domestic issues where the democratic rights are destroyed in this province. And she says we share the democratic values of maintaining the rights of its citizens with Israel? That certainly applies to Israel but not in BC.

    CC demonstrates that our premier hasn’t got a clue.

  6. I’m amazed at the how the left reacts. Nothing intelligent to say, so they resort to name calling. She isn’t allowed to have an opinion? She was asked a question, she gave an answer, and then rather than come up with an intelligent comment here, the ndp trolls just resort to name calling. Real intelligent.

    • Or they defend someone else unrelated to the story. It’s how the “N”DP supporters operate. I still ask though, what is new with the “New” Democrats? There’s nothing new about them, it’s criticize and insult.

    • Oh boy

      Christy Clark was NOT “asked a question”

      Clark sent a letter to the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs outlining her support for Israel.

      And if you read Clark’s full letter, which is not posted on this page, you will see this arrogant comment at the end:

      “…I’m proud that British Columbia can be counted as a friend of Israel.”


      Christy Clark

      The college dropout is presuming to speak for all of us.

      Read her full letter before babbling on about “ndp trolls”

  7. Perhaps this person should concentrate on her job – made in BC issues that need addressing and stop trying to be a federal politician. It is obvious that she is trying to impress Harper to get a plum job kissing his @ss when she gets booted from office next election.

    Get in line Christy, Gordo already has that position sewn up.

  8. It’s remarkable how some people assume that as soon as you don’t support an incompentent Premier, you automatically fall into an obscure “left” category, a classification that is well used on this station every Saturday mornings at 0835.
    Yes, she is entitled to her own opinion, that is freedom of expression – but she added “Premier” to her remark. Since she was “elected” Premier (not by me..ever), she officially represents her constituency in BC.

    • @ Consuelo: Well Said!
      That should put Commonsense and Ron -26 in their place! I wish I was as articulate as you are-even though I am better than Ccommonsense and Ronneee ….

      • No, what makes you left is defending the left. That’s the truth right there.

        As for her title, she is Premier of BC. If you’re the president, you sign off President. Quite simple.

        Lastly, using the word “elected” loosely is yet another poor choice of words and selection but those against the BC Liberals and/or Premier Clark. She was elected. The BC Liberals won the majority with her as the leader, and she won in the riding of Kelowna-Westbank. She’s elected. Fair and square.

        Now, as for being better, how is that? You prove very little, and like your partners here, jump on every opportunity to defend the left and attack the right. I support the right and do not care for the wrong.

        • It’s a rather paranoid view to think that everybody not supporting Ellen G. (Crispy Crunch) is a member of “special interest group” like Michael Campbell and gang is calling anything left of center.
          Don’t forget that the dreaded NDP won Ellen G’s affluent riding of Vancouver/Point Grey and kicked Crispy on a province wide search for a new home, that she “found” in Kelowna but only after creating a vacancy there. You jump on every opportunity to defend the right and attack the left. I support humanity and do not care for the paranoia soap box.

          • While the riding of Vancouver-Point Grey was previously held by the BC “N”DP. So not much of win there. They lost. The party most desired won with Clark as leader. How come you’re all still so bitter?

  9. Christy Clark and that other rebel without a clue, Selena Gomez, who also decided to crow off about this conflict share one thing in common.

    Neither one of them made it past high school.

  10. Its very interesting that in Canada …

    On one hand, we award groups of people gigantic swaths of land (and its resources) based on what those people call “oral history” …

    Then on the other hand Canada supports taking land away from people that have considerable wriiten, artistic and artifactual ducumentation of their occupation of that land for almost 3000 years.

  11. Why does the media continually put this person in a spot light?
    She is like the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan… all fluff and absolutely no substance.

    Keep her of the media.