Academy award winners stepping in on aquarium’s marine mammal debate

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Academy award winners stepping in on aquarium's marine mammal debate

Movie directors, former SeaWorld trainers, even the guy who trained “Flipper” are diving into the Vancouver Aquarium debate over whether whales and dolphins should be phased out of captivity.

Director of the academy award winning film “The Cove” Louie Psihoyos sent a letter to the Vancouver Park Board.

“They are trying to import a couple dolphins from Japan, where they come from and how they got there is dubious. The Japanese aquariums aren’t very good about documenting where these animals came from. So they could come from the infamous dolphin drives, which we highlighted in our movie “The Cove.”

“The Cove” star and Flipper trainer Ric O’Barry wrote a letter to the Mayor of Vancouver offering his assistance to help release the dolphins and whales into sea pens, or the wild.

More than 100 people are signed up to speak at a special Park Board meeting Saturday on the issue.


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  1. You know , I just don’t understand where these Hollywood types get off. Does making a movie all of a sudden inject their brains with super power ? Just because they have achieved some public attention….does every idiotic thought that drools out of their mouth become a pearl of wisdom ?

  2. Another gaggle of Script Readers from Hollyweird . . . will they bring Neil Young and his electric lincoln this time? These clowns know less than nothing . . .

    Maybe Michael Moore could help out . . . but he is going through a nasty divorce . . . Michael is just beside himself have to split up his mansions and 50+ million dollar bank account.

    • Once again, no solutions or intelligent comment! Michael Moore? Divorce? Is he mentioned in the article? What are you doing about any of the issues you have commented on? Always the non contributing zeros who criticize! Like I said, no intelligence here!