Updated: CEO of Translink acknowledges public confidence in Metro Vancouver transit is shaken

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The head of Translink admits public confidence in Metro Vancouver’s transit system has been shaken by recent skytrain shutdowns lasting several hours.

“A customer wants accurate information with respect to what the outage is, when they can expect service to resume and then, understand what your options are.”

Ian Jarvis says an independent review should improve communication.

“And they deserve an answer and so, we need to undertake a review and provide answers and instill confidence in the process and Translink and the system which is a great system.”

Speaking with CKNW’s Simi Sara, Jarvis says he’s received calls from many concerned municipal leaders, but Transportation Minister Todd Stone hasn’t reached out to him yet.

In a statement emailed to CKNW,  Todd Stone says he is “very concerned” about the skytrain break downs and he also understands the public frustration.

He says Translink needs to take action to address those issues immediately and he  supports the  independent review, with the goal of ensuring breakdowns don’t happen again.

Earlier this week, when CKNW sought comment, Ministry staff repeatedly claimed  the breakdowns were an ‘operational’ issue and it was up to Translink officials to comment.

The statement in full from Transportation minister Todd Stone is below.


I am very concerned with these recent service interruptions. I totally understand the public’s frustration.

It is unacceptable to have this many service interruptions affecting commuters throughout Metro Vancouver

TransLink needs to take action and determine what is needed to address these issues immediately and I understand that Translink is initiating an expert, independent review.

Like the thousands of people affected by these service breakdowns, I expect the review of these incidents to be thorough, with some strong recommendations to ensure they do not occur again

TransLink  must continue to ensure customer service is a priority.






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  1. After having the cattle cars running for 28 years they think they can improve communications?????????????????????????????????????

    Why didn’t “THE BRIGHTEST and the BEST” think this one up at least 20+ years ago?

    And don’t count on toddy reaching out. The LIE BERALS are only front and center when they think the photo opp can do them some good. YA NO!

  2. I agree the worst part of this was Translinks refusal to COMMUNICATE correctly through all these events. That’s what miffed everyone off! There was NO info to be had anywhere, everyone left alone to figure out something. This is a severe failure of management, and people should be removed right from the top!