Call for physical barriers on the sea wall

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Call for physical barriers on the sea wall

                 ”It’s a recipe for disaster.”

A citizen’s advocacy group is calling on the City of Vancouver to construct physical barriers to separate bike lanes from pedestrian walk ways in the city’s parks.

The demand comes a week after an American tourist fell off the sea wall near Second Beach when a young cyclist lost control and struck her.

She fell 10 feet to the rocks below, and is recovering in hospital from extensive injuries.

Howard Kelsey with the Save Kits Beach Coalition, who opposed bike lanes in Kitsilano Beach Park, says it’s a city-wide issue.

“I think there should be separated areas, physically separated areas, and I think there should be a look at this agenda of bike lanes.”

Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu calls it an unfortunate accident.

“It is something that we have to examine, determine if it was truly accidental, unavoidable, or whether there was negligence  involved, or whether the design of that portion of the sea wall needs to be reviewed.”

Kelsey says Vancouver Police need to do a better job enforcing the 15km/hour speed limit for cyclists on the sea wall.


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  1. Simple solution is to reduce the cycling speed limit to 10km/hr and enforce it. It should not be a training circuit for the Gran Fondo. If they want to go faster get back on the road.

  2. I was walking through a foot path the other day when a biker ace racing around the corner coming toward me as fast as he could pedal.

    It surprised me so much I was like a deer in the headlights and just froze. Fortunately he swerved around me ….but if he would have hit me I’m sure several of my old bones would have been shattered.

    I just don’t understand these damn bikers ….they don’t obey they laws of the road, they are a menace on sidewalks and footpath….it’s like no one else exists but them !!

  3. Amazing what a helpless society we’ve become. We’re not even capable of riding a bicycle safely without Government intervention. And all it would take is a little common sense and courtesy and a lot of us are not even capable of that. Unbelievable, really.

  4. The cost of this injured person’ care is going to be huge and that cyclist is about to pay – big.

    The cyclist will have no choice but to sue the cyclist. If the injured has some kind of extended medical insurance then her insurance company will cover her costs then THEY will sue the cyclist. It has to be that way. The injured is currently paying with pain and financial hardship.

    It’s time for Vancouver to wake up about the liabilities involved in cycling.
    Cyclists cause accidents even fatalities (two on Lions Gate Bridge already this year). They need to be insured.

    We can’t afford the human cost of cycling as it stands and they have come to believe that they can ride with impunity.

  5. Get rid of the bikes. The wall was never originally for bikes. It was intended for a calm walk in a beautiful setting. A very small connected group got bikes allowed did they not. How many folks out there are fed up with these minority groups running the majority??

  6. Since the Vancouver PD are busy dealing with crime, etc… the city should have the Park Rangers enforcing speed along the Seawall. Park Rangers can issue fines, so it makes sense that they would take the lead on enforcement in that area.

  7. Why not ban bikes and pedestrians and just let nature take over the walkways. For god’s sake lets stop pampering people. YOU must be AWARE of what is going on AROUND you at all times.

    Treat the public as Educated People not kids. Grow up and Look around YOU.

  8. Barriers? Too bad people cannot just abide by rules and play nice.
    Many a time, I have had a cyclist of blader go past me very fast and brushing me as they go by while I am walking on the walking side of the path.

    Don’t get me started on folks who can’t follow arrows and go the wrong way.

  9. It’s simple, start enforcing the rules and bylaws. The cyclist, and all cyclists moving forward should not get away with cycling when they please, doing so when asked to dismount and should not run red lights and stop signs.

  10. If people actually followed the rules as they are supposed to there would be no problems or next to none. If people not following the rules actually had an incentive to follow the rules such as a fine, seizure of bikes or skateboards, etc., there wold be hardly any problems. But instead we have a bunch of people who cannot think with common sense and they feel the rules only apply to everyone else. As a friend once told me, the rules and laws and regulations in B.C., especially the Vancouver area, are really meant as a suggestion.

    But what do we expect to happen? Just watch how people drive their cars or even how they walk in the malls, that is usually how they would be on the seawall.

  11. I used to cycle the sea wall all the time , and there are a few blind spots , and places to narrow to instal deviders , and people walking on the bike path , just goofing off . and it’s true , the spead should be reduced , and dismount where it’s two narrow to cycle safely .

  12. I am a cyclist, and I will not cycle the seawall. There is zero respect the rules there. There’s a sense of entitlement with cycling in Vancouver and all fingers point to the Moonbeam and his minions. They created this mess, so let’s remove him and clean up the miss.