BC Securities Commission finds former notary public committed fraud

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BC Securities Commission finds former notary public committed fraud

The BC Securities Commission is doing what they can to ensure a notary public who carried out a hundred million dollar lie can’t do it again…

A BC Securities Commission panel has found Rashida Samji guilty bilking at least two hundred investors out of their money for a winery project that never existed.

Senior Litigator for the BC Securities Commission, Joyce Johner, says this is a unique case

“This is a very large Ponzi scheme. I mean, it’s one of the largest I’ve seen in my time here. Not only was it large, but it just continued on for such a very, very long time.”

Johner says Samji managed to steal from people for nearly ten years because she convinced them so thoroughly they could trust her.

She says sanctions and fines will be set at a later date.


*Photo courtesy Global News


  1. I can see the BCSC was on the ball yet again. One of these days they will quit being the Janitor in these schemes and actually go out , investigate and stop them before anyone gets taken ! The only time you seem to hear from the BCSC is when they are on cleanup !!!

    • These are your kind people there Brian WA! You support the BC Liberals and every scam they’re involved in like the CEO’s kickbacks and no-one help accountable and look you voted for it! The brightest and the best,eh! Applications for a recall coming as of November 17th 2017! This will remind us that that is just around the corner.

      • These aren’t BC Liberals, spinster. These are people who are criminals. They break the law.

        As for recall, there’s no recall happening. Give it up. Put your money where your mouth is and run for the “N”DP. If you cowardly decide not to, take my bet that I presented last year. “N”DP win I leave the CKNW forum; if the Liberals win you leave the CKNW forum. Neither of us to return, even under some lame alias.

      • Ken you are losing it again . . . this woman broke the law that makes her a criminal . . .
        Next you will be talking about coal miners again . . . but what about the Fast Ferries Ken . . . have you taken a ride lately?

        Where on the Planet Ken is Socialism working? Waiting for your answer.

    • How does that differ from the police? Until a crime is committed – and reported – enforcement can’t do much.

      The better question is: Why are people getting their investment advice from a notary public? What independent analysis are people doing on their own? It seems to me that the greedy and dishonest are preying on the greedy and thoughtless. Such is life.