Graydon misses deadline to pay BCLC disputed portion of salary

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It appears the former top boss of the BC Lottery Corporation has missed a government-imposed deadline to pay back thousands of dollars after he was found in a conflict of interest for accepting a new position at a private gaming firm.

Michael Graydon was told to pay back two months’ salary and hold-back after he was found in conflict of interest for failing to disclose he was negotiating a new job with Paragon Gaming.

NDP gaming critic Shane Simpson says Graydon should not have been paid out.

“It was a pretty simple question to ask when you started negotiating with Paragon for this new position, and if they had asked that question, and Mr. Graydon had been forth right, there would never have been a severance package.”

“Clearly what happened, he was in a conflict of interest, he shouldn’t of received a severance payment, and he should return the money.”

Sandy Garrasino with Vancouver Not Vegas says the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch should remove him.

“He should not be in a senior position of a service provider to the provincial government. He should simply be blocked … Clearly he shouldn’t have got the payment, but he shouldn’t have been permitted to go there, and we are saying that the gaming policy and enforcement branch should block his appointment now, which they have the power to do.”

Paragon is proposing a 500-million dollar casino and resort near BC Place.


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    • But George -if it’s THEIR money (not taxpayer money) and if they want to blow it on gambling, who are we to tell them how to spend it. Freedom includes allowing individuals to make bad choices. You think we’re government or something and can try to dictate how people live their lives?.

  1. He will probably not pay that money back and force the Liberals to take him to court and charge it all to you know who! Me and you!

    It is the Liberal way. Corruption in government will only cascade down stream.

  2. It seems that it’s impossible to find ethical, moral, honest people to work for Government or Crown Corps. these days. Glad this guy is gone to Paragon. Let them handle this dishonest jerk.