NDP environment critic says province only released Kitimat airshed report because it was forced to

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NDP environment critic says province only released Kitimat airshed report because it was forced to

The NDP’s Environment critic is not buying what the Liberal government is selling when it comes to the Kitimat airshed report.

Spencer Chandra-Herbert says the province only released the report after being backed into a corner.

“It seems the BC Liberals first didn’t want to do the study, were forced to do the study, then they didn’t want to release the study, they were forced to release the study. Now they are trying to say it shows everything is greenlight go ahead when in fact the study says you have got to use caution. You need strong environmental management something the Liberals aren’t known for.”

Chandra-Herbert says the report shows the four LNG proposals for the area could potentially hard human health.

He says the NDP doesn’t oppose LNG but advocates it be done responsibly without turning a blind eye to challenges.


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  1. There’s a lot the Harper ans Clark governments aren’t telling us, Why did Shell Oil pull out of an LNG project in Alberta? Because the ten year price is too low that’s why so we better watch how much tax payer money is spent on these LNG projects.

    • Yes Trev . . . lets just sit in our apartments . . . and wait for the Govt Cheque . . .
      The govt will look after ALL of us . . . yes Trev?
      The NDP will make sure your rent is paid, there is food in your fridge . . . and Jenny and the gang will even take you to Disneyland . . .

      • Yes Dale lets just spend money that you would blame the NDP doing! Sounds hypocritical from you blaming the NDP spending money on the fast ferries, but when the shoe is on the other foot you praise the Liberals even when they break laws and not follow the court orders. The whole project was drawn on a napkin and they just play politics on how much not to tell us! You are blaming the NDP in your rant they haven got us into a $60billion debt and climbing. Dale, its not going to take much to get recall rolling, watch with the shipbuilding and LNG and the TFW’s take over most of the Jobs. You will really see people looking for government handouts as you do not on every street corner,temp agency’s full every day with young men looking for work.

          • I have already quit letting you pay more? You got the 25% income tax handout from Gordon Campbell you were very happy now you are not so happy as their plan was to get you of the intitled to pay more and more.With the wages frozen for so many years under the Liberals now we see people screaming to raise the minimum wages up to $15 even the most of the one million working poor will not make enough to pay enough to contribute to the Tax system that all of you seems so happy not to pay a living wage and all of us share in the costs.You just bitch at how your Liberals got you here in the first place by blaming the NDP. Hypocritical to say the least!

          • You quit already? So now I am paying for you? You sure know how to milk the system. Did you quit so you can write your communist manifesto? I never blamed the “N”DP. I’m quite content knowing that we are not under a horrible “N”DP blithe of poor management, free jobs, poor tax decisions and trying to run an economy.

      • That’s hilarious Dale Jenny paid back all the cost of the trips… and it was her husband’s wrong doing not hers…but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good spin for you right dale… but when it comes to some sloping at the public trough boy you can’t bet that right wing wacko Christy Clark… Premier Christy $80,350 with Harbour Air and $61,721 with Helijet.” O and Dale there’s no money for government cheques the right wing wacko spending queen Christy spent all the money her wacko government add 4 BILLION the BCs debt… Yep debt free BC

        • As she saw it. She paid back. She paid back her portion. Not her family’s. You and spinster Ken, just writing the story as you would like it read.

          Secondly, all we know are that there are flights with Helijet and HarbourAir. We don’t know how many, how often, what for and so on. Again, you’re reading the story as the way you want to see it.

      • Here you go again, you make some ridiculous comment about going to Disneyland and sitting in apartments waiting for a cheque. I challenge you to make a good point, if you can. Try it – respond to one of the comments with something that may enlighten the reader instead of making sarcastic remarks. That is a challenge to you Dale! Try just once to make a point and use, ready for this, evidence to sway a reader or shed some intelligence on a subject. Calling people Socialists, greedy and so on tells me you got nothing in your gun. Challenge set Dale!

        • This is about the NDP Rick . . . once again running their mouths about something they know nothing about.
          They are anti-busiess, anti-job and anti-future . . . you, Ken and the clueless Trev buy into this nonsense.

          Tell me Rick . . . name ONE province in Canada with a dipper of far-left govt that is doing well? Name ONE country on the planet run by Socialists that is not either BROKE or Going Broke?

          Going forward . . . what is YOUR plan to GROW the Canadian Economy? Be waiting . . . .

    • Where tax dollars are invested is important no matter who governs.But one thing I rarely see from all of these left wing geniuses are their plans to generate any revenue to pay for all of their “free” programs.
      It is true that prices for these resources are uncertain.But if you remember,they were uncertain a decade ago too.That’s what markets do.Which is why Canada’s biggest challenge is to find ways to produce something that other people want or need,at a price they can afford to pay.
      If not LNG,what do YOU suggest we produce than YOU KNOW we can sell into foreign markets? You DO know that we cannot create a real economy or payfor our “free” social programs by pouring coffee and flipping burgers for each other? Or at least,I assume that you know that.
      That said,I was born and raised in Terrace.Which is just two hoots and one holler down the road from Kitimat.And if there is on thing that people living there can count on,it’s a wind that comes up almost every day.I think that would be a big factor in controlling smog too.I doubt that the Terrace and Kitimat areas are as susceptible to lingering smog as the lower Fraser Valley,for example.
      But hey.Why let some facts get in the way of some left wing spin? The very last thing that the Dippers want to see is any kind of success in BC. And if they have to go up there are create some smoke and smog themselves to make sure that these industries fail,then I expect that that’s exactly what they will do.

    • Douglas Channel is 3 miles wide . . . it is already being used as a deep water port . . . right now, today.
      Contrast Douglas channel to Burrard Inlet, 1/4 mile wide at the first and second narrows. Should we close it down? Burrard Inlet is far busier today than Douglas channel will ever be . . .

  2. I’m just amazed at the ndp’s lack of fore sight. All they want to do is sit on their collective butts and tax the bleep out of everyone. No thought on trying to stimulate the economy other than tax tax tax tax, and the harder you work the more you better pay them. We have an opportunity to actually get our economy growing and they keep wanting to put up road blocks. It take,s forever to get anything done in this province because of the constant stall tactics and crying by the ndp and their friends. People like chandra-herbert, corrigan from burnaby and the ndp posters on this sight just don’t seem to get it. Someone has to pay for your health care (and you know corrigan will whine if he has to wait 30 minutes to see a doctor) your teachers who think they are better than everyone else, you homeless housing that keeps attracting more people from across Canada but no one wants to pay. Time to do something before it’s too late!!!

    • Here’s a guy that “gets it” . . . good comment Ray . . .

      All over the world we can watch as the Socialists destroy countries . . . even the US today is approaching 20 Trillion in Debt . . . with no plan to ever pay it back. If interest rates his 10%, and they will one day in the not to distant future, the cost of the debt in the US will be TWO TRILLION in interest every year . . . that is HALF the National Budget today.

      I am always amazed the the “Believers” just want to try this failed 20th Century doctrine of Marx just one more time . . . in the hope that this time it will work ! ! !

      Did I mention that the Canadian Federal Govt will Balance the Budget soon . . .