Green Party MLA says government “spinning” airshed study

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Green Party MLA says government "spinning" airshed study

If you ignore the spin, the Kitimat airshed report spells the end of the BC Government’s goal of  four LNG plants.

That from the lone BC Green Party MLA.

MLA and Climate Scientist Andrew Weaver says the BC Government cherry picked from a robust report to try and make it say something it didn’t.

Weaver says the report clearly shows four LNG plants would make the Kitimat airshed unfit for humans to live in.

“Even if they are electric drive not gas driven, even if there is no refinery, even if Rio Tinto Alcan steps up to levels of air quality that were not in the cards to begin with this would still be critical for human health. That is essentially saying you can put these four LNG plants in the airshed but then you can’t live there.”

Weaver says despite what the BC Government is trying to sell the report is damning.

“Rio Tinto Alcan are spending billions updating there facility. They are the ones being given the greenlight to go. The airshed can support that but what the airshed cannot support is the proposed process of building four LNG plants with gas driven compressors unless you want to have people live outside of the airshed. So move Terrace, move Kitimat.”

Weaver says the study also makes David Black’s pitch for an oil refinery in the area a very tough sell.


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  1. How about the spin from Mr. Weaver? Is there any resource extraction project that the Green Party agrees with? The Green party, environmentalists, and the NDP oppose EVERYTHING. The only thing they seem to like is solar power. Good luck in a province where it is rainy or cloudy 8 months a year.

    • The NDP doesn’t oppose LNG but advocates it is done responsibly without turning a blind eye to challenges. Why does the Liberal supporter always spin the truth?Christy’s race is just about done!@Recall of broken promises coming to a polling station soon!

      • Weaver is a pretend scientist, a fraudulent climate modeller who was wrong for almost two decades . . .
        The forests around Kitimat will just luv the extra CO2 . . . real science has demonstrated that extra CO2 means thicker growth rings . . . has to be good for the forest industry and renewal of forests.

        Why are all the anti’s so narrow minded . . . does anyone think that the gas plants will burn more natural gas than say the City of Vancouver?

        • Here you go again – name calling. Pretend scientist? Yeah sure – Order of British Columbia, written over two hundred papers on the topic, two hundred more than you I might add, published books, chaired numerous committees and on and on and on. He has forgotten more about the topic than most scientists. You need to get out a bit Dale, you are losing it man! Again, back up your claims with some evidence – otherwise I am going to chase you off this and every other blog!

          • What’s so wrong with calling it like he sees it? The diet and nutrition industry and the environmental save-the-planet movement together contain the the largest volumes of bogus science. Anyone can take some classes, write a few books and papers and get his ego stroked while making some big bucks.

          • Weaver is an alarmist and a deceiver . . . he is a Komputer Modeller who was an IPCC member. He used faulty data and was WRONG for almost TWO Decades.

            That’s the FACTS man . . . you chase . . . lol

            As usual Rick . . . you are Short of Facts and long on BS . . .

          • Firstly, I am impressed you actually responded to someone who called you out on something. Secondly, you are spinning by changing the story from telling the truth to you wanting a recall. And, thirdly, just me. I don’t post under many names so you can have more socialist/communist supporters. How’s that Marx book coming along? Have you written your own communist manifesto?

  2. Professor Weaver is a no-nothing Greenie who could NEVER defend his positions on Gorebull Warming in a REAL DEBATE. Like David Suzuki he ran from the hard questions.
    The media never caught on, even today they just lob softballs at these two predictors of doom . . .
    Hear about the BC sailor that was attempting to sail the North West Passage and got stuck in the ICE at the top of Alaska last week? The US Coast Guard sent an ice breaker to pull him out . . . did’t out environmental friends say the Arctic would be ice free by last year?

  3. So far no LNG Plants , Just hot air . What would happen if in the next 5 years or so , Ghina and
    other Asian countries , deside to frack their own gas ? Will it still be fezeable to invest billions
    just to keep a few happy , Most of the cooperation for this deal is what’s in it for me , kind of logic , where as it should be is it good for the province , and or Canada ?
    I know I personaly wouldn’t get any thing out of it , other than see my tax bill go up , because of it . And knowing the track record of the Liberals , I still think that it’s a big mistake .
    And every time I see these clowns in their little unaform of gogles , hard hat , steele caps , and overalls , wearing this just to be on tv , pretending to be one of the boys , How come you never get dirty? Because you don’t do nothing other than put on a clown show .