Bears scare West Vancouver family onto balcony

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Bears scare West Vancouver family onto balcony

Bears have been causing some problems in West Vancouver lately.

A family living in a home in the British Properties had to escape to the balcony after a bear wandered inside yesterday.

Police say it got in through an open door.

Another bear broke into someone’s laundry room because some popcorn had been left out near an open door.

Overnight, a third bear cracked open a garage door at another home and started rooting through some fruit and veggies in the garbage.

West Van police once again urge you not to store food or other things that bears like in garages or other outbuildings, especially if you’re keeping a door ajar to stay cool.


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  1. Bring out the canons! that’ll fix these pesky bears! They are coming for a free meal just like humans will when hungry.I working in the wilderness for years and bear would come to the open garbage pits,they build and incinerator not one bear came around anymore! take away the food source and they will do what they know best and go back into the forest! Please! Cowboys keep your guns away! let the bears live find a better way than to kill every time someone craps their pants when a bear is around.

  2. Bears get hungry to , and with the fruite season under way , the fruite will atract them , they like my Cousen’s Cherrie tree , They actualy pick them . Other than that , they don’t usualy bother you , Back in the seventies I was hikeing around Banf Alberta , I spent the night in a rest station , and about 5 am , I was up putting on coffee , there was a small sping fed lake , and across the lake , perched on a small hill , were a family of cougers , three in number , they were watching me . I kept my axe handy , but they disapeared , Wow they are beautifull cats .
    There was a guy up around Prince George that raised 3 black bears , he wrote the book called The Bears and I , It’s probably out of print ,

  3. There are still a few folks that compost and use those silly green containers.
    What did they expect?

    As for building houses in bear zones, mankind (and its predecessors) have had equal right to this plane as well.

  4. I’m not joking. If you build homes in bear territory, which we certainly have done in Greater Vancouver, you will get bothered by bears. Pretty basic stuff really. If you live in those areas you should take every precaution necessary to keep the bears away, like no compost areas, sealed bearproof garbage cans. Otherwise, guess what? The bears will be classified as dangerous and will be shot, in their own environment!