Teacher disciplined for calling students “midgets” while another brought knife to school

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Two more public school teachers in the Lower Mainland have been reprimanded for inappropriate behavior involving their students.

Summit Middle School teacher David Macdonald admits to speaking to students in a demeaning way and using derogatory and profane language.

He called students dumb asses, referred to short students as midgets, and told students to get their fingers out of their backsides while coaching the grade 7 boy’s basketball team during the 2012/2013 school year.

He was suspended for two days without pay and completed an anger management course.

Meanwhile grade 1/2 Port Kells elementary school teacher Theo Mallinson showed six year olds his Swiss army knife against school policy and one student even took it to cut his apple when Mallinson wasn’t looking in January.

Over a number of years Mallinson engaged in a range of inappropriate interactions with intermediate students including play fighting, rough housing, giving students “noogies,” wrestling, and putting fists up as if to invite punching.

He has since resigned, but the Teachers Regulation Branch ordered a three month suspension to commence in September.

A total of 36 educators in BC have been disciplined by the Teachers Regulation Branch so far this year.


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