More pressure on Kinder Morgan to release emergency plan

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More pressure on Kinder Morgan to release emergency plan

Burnaby Fire and Rescue is demanding the proponent behind the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion proposal release its fire protection and emergency response plans.

Fire Chief Doug McDonald says the department doesn’t have enough resources to battle a major fire event at Kinder Morgan’s tank farm on Burnaby Mountain while evacuating nearby residents.

“I think we just want to know what their plans are, their plans don’t have much detail, alot of the answers to the questions will be a future report provides, so we just don’t know the impacts that they’re expecting, so we’re just hoping they would share that information, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to come forward any time soon.”

McDonald is concerned the density at the tank farm will increase from 13 to a total of 26 tanks bringing the volume to around 5.6 million barrels of oil.

The City of Burnaby and the Fire Department are staunchly opposed to the project.


  1. The City of Burnaby and Burnaby Fire and Rescue oppose the project. So, what incentive does KM have to get into the details of the emergency plan if they have made it clear that no emergency plan would be acceptable anyway. The tank farm has been there for decades, with no serious problems. People who have bought homes in that area did so with the full knowledge that the tank farm was there. The presence of the tanks pre dates most other development of the area. And, again, with few if any problems. KM has a big incentive to make sure this is safe.

    Every day we are at risk of death or injury due to the transportation, storage and use of petroleum products. Big trucks deliver gas to gas stations every day. Beneath the surface are pipelines delivering natural gas to home users-people who burn oil have it delivered in trucks. The safety record is remarkable-none of this is 100% risk free.

  2. So, does the fact that Burnaby and its fire department oppose the KM expansion give KM the right to withhold its emergency plans from Burnaby’s scrutiny-and anyone else’s?

    Also, if Burnaby has clearly indicated that “no (sic) emergency plan would be acceptable anyways”, that should not deter KM from rolling out its emergency plan.

    Burnaby will not decide if KM expansion plans will be approved-period. Having said that, what does KM got to hide? Surely, it is in its and the public interest that an emergency plan-spill response-is in place. Feedback would seem to be welcomed or should be.

    Don’t forget that an emergency plan(s) is one of the 5 conditions imposed by the provincial government before it will ‘approve’ the project? So KM should set its bruised feelings aside.

    So in this sense, past experience or history is irrelevant.

    • So if I were KM, my response would be, Burnaby, fire fighting is a Municipal responsibility. KM pays no doubt a bunch of property tax which pays for such fire fighting emergency services.

      Obviously the Burnaby fire chief is a tad thick; what would he/she do if two Boeing 777 aircraft collided and fire balled to Metro Town? Secondly both Dipper Mayor Derek Corrigan and this ‘thick’ Fire Chief already know there are strict engineering standards now in place.

      In reality, the odds are pretty favourable on KMs side that storage systems for petro products are indeed pretty safe.

      Mayor Corrigan and his dimwit pal in the City of Vancouver are just mimicking the NDP party line that industry is bad, that job creation is bad, that investment is bad, that business revenues via taxation/royalties is bad.

      I am convinced that members of the New Democratic Party still live in the dark ages, in a cave.

      • After reading the first part of you comment I could quickly see it had no substance then you get to the part where you say (Secondly both Dipper Mayor Derek Corrigan and this ‘thick’ Fire Chief already know there are strict engineering standards now in place) calling someone a dipper really that just shows what little substance you have a person. I bet you’re the first one to boil over every time you hear truthfully comments right wing wackos or Gordo the drunk…..

      • Stephen;

        What is neglected is the process to be followed by both proponents and opponents of the KM pipeline expansion.

        To be blunt, it doesn’t matter an iota what you think of those opposed to KM.

        If due process is followed and respected, all the rhetoric in the world will have no influence on the the final decision.

        So continue with your rant. You won’t make any difference because those appointed to make the final decision will ignore your rhetoric.

        If your rhetoric had any substance and value, there should be no need to conduct hearings to determine whether the KM expansion is in the public interest.

        And if you are right, why is KM resisting requests for more transparency? What has KM got to hide?

        And even the province is unsatisfied with KM’s response. Where does that leave you-out of the picture-because your comments are irrelevant.

        Obviously the powers to be do not agree that your sentiments add anything of subtance to this discussion

        Why? The process continues..

  3. The KM pipeline has run through Burnaby for over 60 years now . . . what has BEEN their fire and emergency response policies up to date? Or, do they have NONE?
    Has there been an incident in the past? When was that?
    Will there be an incident in the future?

    Looks a lot like the Fire Chief and the Dipper Mayor are antis just looking for more media attention . . .