Climate change forces re-think for lower Fraser River

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Climate change forces re-think for lower Fraser River

Thanks to climate change, a new regional flood management strategy is being developed to protect properties along the lower Fraser River from Hope to Mission.

“These programs depend on the cooperation of all levels of government.”

Provincial inspector Neil Peters says only one of the fifteen dikes along that stretch of the river is strong enough to prevent flooding.

“You can’t fix everything at once, but if you chip away at it, you’ll eventually get it done and we got through this freshet fairly nicely with just a peak in May there and no problems this year.”

Stakeholders are holding a meeting Tuesday in New Westminster to figure out how all three levels of government can fund upgrades, so no cost estimates are available yet.


  1. I would bet that the climate change excuse is a deflection from the real problem which is insufficient maintenance since the dyke system was installed.
    But on the positive side – at least they’re looking into beefing them up.

  2. Just so we are all clear-this is “climate change” and not “global warming”. Because if this is a “global warming” issue then we all know or should know that the evidence is clear that there has been no measureable global warming since the mid 1990′s. This despite the propaganda from government, the greenies and the media.

    He says that only one of the dikes is strong enough to prevent flooding. What conditions is he basing this on? Are they not strong enough to prevent any flooding no matter what? Or is this a case of only the most extreme flooding. This man will have to present a very detailed case for the spending of the billions he no doubt wants. If its just we are all doomed because of climate change so lets spend billions on whatever pops into our heads won’t work.

    • Global warming is happening, whether you like it or not. Deniers are just stuck in their wishful thinking that all is business as usual, but you will see that it won’t be business as usual. Cheers!

      • “Gorebull Warming is happening?”


        NASA satelite data show no warming now since 1998 . . . that is almost 17 years now.

        Climate Change on the other hand . . . has been going on for millions of years . . . do you think it should stop now? What would be the ideal temperature? How would we enforce that?

  3. I’m just wateingfor a global warming Tax , like the carbon tax , as far as I’m conserned , eather every one in the country payes it or no one does , The dykes may need a topping up , but as for spending billions , Seeing as it’s only rock and earth than the cost should be alot less .