Marc Emery to get out of prison today

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Marc Emery to get out of prison today

Vancouver’s “Prince of Pot” is to be released from an American prison today.

It marks the end of a 5-year prison sentence for Marc Emery, who was convicted of selling marijuana seeds in the U-S.

However, he will remain in custody for a few more weeks.

On his blog, Emery says he is to be transferred to a facility in Louisianna tomorrow, where he will be processed for deportation.

Emery says he expects to be taken to the Windsor, Ontario border crossing sometime between August 10th and 25th and released there, but he doesn’t know for sure.

To read Emery’s last blog post from prison, click here


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  1. Welcome home Marc. Glad to see you will not stop your activism.
    Those who do not understand your position condemn you but you are a hero that was will to go to jail for your believes.
    Thank you and kudos.

  2. stop trying to make Marc Emery into some sort of a saint , he did flaunt the law, he did know what he was doing, he did sell drugs ,I did not agree with the long sentence he received , but he was guilty . However I am worried about the message being sent to our youth marijuana is not harmless We need more information on the pro’s and con.s more education is necessary .

  3. Everyone knows that Marijuana has less negative effect than either alcohol or Tobacco .
    Marc Emory should not have been extradited for sending seeds by mail which is not a crime in Canada. Since there is not corresponding crime in Canada for which he was convicted in the US. The Canadian government if it was doing its job protecting its citizens should have blocked the extradition.

  4. We need to find away to reduce the use of marijuana by youth in this country. We know the rates and we have the science and we know the impact and harm caused. We do not need to give the pot lobby any more media, space to spin their deceit and lies. Marijuana is not a harmless herb, it is an addictive drug and a dangerous one for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. Marijuana legalization will not decrease use by youth – it will increase access and availability and acceptance. This is not about freedom and the rights of an individual – it is about interdependency and realizing the impact our actions have on other people – at work, at home, around our children. It need not be compared to alcohol as it has its own set of risk factors and we do not need a third legal drug marketed and commercialized. It is not inevitable that legalization will happen – given that only a small elite of people use marijuana only 9% in Canada – that leave the 91% of non using Canadians to sort out the lies and deceit and read the science.

    • Sam – I agree completely with your comments but have never seen the statistic of 9% before . Where did you see this ? I have to admit I thought there were a lot more potheads than that !