COPE reveals Executive Board and 2014 election platform

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COPE reveals Executive Board and 2014 election platform

The Coalition of Progressive Electors has released its 2014 election platform and new Executive Board after a long Annual General Meeting yesterday.

In a statement, COPE says Tim Louis and Heather Gies have been elected Co-Chairs of the board.

Representatives from five Equity caucuses – including  Aboriginal, Disabled and Transgender caucuses – have been elected to voting positions.

COPE’s election platform includes a Housing Authority aimed at building “real, affordable social housing” funded partly a Luxury Housing Tax, as well as a proposal for a Universal Transit Pass for all Vancouver residents.

The statement adds COPE plans to run a mayoral candidate as well as candidates for City Council, and the School and Park Boards.


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  1. Another set of plans based on equalization of equity … Sounds great for those on the receiving end … But not so good for those that are looking to appreciate the returns from their hard work and business success but instead get hit with extra taxes for their efforts

  2. Good luck in electing a single candidate to City Council. COPE is so far left they fell off the cliff. What we need is a right wing alternative to Vision; not even more radical ideologues.

    And I not referring to the NPA, a bunch of has beens. For the NPA, which claims to be non-partisan by including people with different opinions, they sure stifle dissent by getting rid of Ken Denike for expressing a contrary opinion regarding transgender washrooms in schools.

  3. Block pipelines, block landlords from evicting tenants and upgrading buildings, a “luxury housing” tax (guess that means anything more than a tent or cardboard box), block rent increases, select candidates from racially and ‘sexually oriented’ groups, free transit for freeloaders; now that’s a recipe for success. I almost wish I lived in Vancouver – not!
    Have they looked at how these types of policies have been so successful in California and New York? Successful at driving out businesses and a lot of taxpayers that is! But I guess that’s OK if they FEEL good about their policies. I guess they don’t believe in Thatcher’s position that the trouble with socialism is that you eventually you run out of OPM.
    No wonder this group is called Communists Opposing Practically Everything. If they can get past the objections from the Vatican – how about changing the name from Communists to Progressives?
    Note to Vancouver businesses and taxpayers – Delta is a great place to live and you don’t have the Progressives in charge. Come on out and help us keep it that way. Note to freeloaders – stay where you are.

  4. We know who you are ,so why do you not just stay out in Delta and leave Vancouver alone, you do not like it here so keep to your south side and keep collecting rents soon to dry up because you would surely not welcome renters from Vancouver that pay most of the landlords Taxes, then hear how hard done you all are, and want government to raise the welfare rates or subsidized you with rent subsidies.. You support the Communist taking over our energy sector but scream when someone wants the oil to be used here and not sold to the highest foreign bidder!