“Prince of Pot” set to be released

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"Prince of Pot" set to be released

The “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery will be released from a United States prison this Wednesday after serving a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds to customers south of the border.

His wife Jodie – who is gearing up to run for the Liberal party in a federal election in the Vancouver-East riding – says it only dawned on her this weekend that her husband was coming home.

“I knew it was my last visit with him, but it was only when we were saying goodbye, and he said ‘Well, I’ll see you when I get back to Canada’ and I started crying. I cried because I realized it’s real, it’s actually happening. Of course I’m thrilled. Tons of people are thrilled.”

Added Jodie: ”He knows that in his absence, Canada has gone backwards with respect to marijuana policy and civil liberties, everything under Harper’s government. So he’s excited to get back to Canada and start fixing all the problems that have been popping up since he’s been gone.”

The Emerys will be embarking on a 30-stop cross-country tour following Marc’s release to prepare for the 2015 federal election to continue their advocacy for marijuana.

Marc Emery’s first order of business upon arriving back in Canada is to pledge his support for Liberal leader Justin Trudeau during his federal election campaign for 2015.



  1. Oh wonderful. He is such a good person and contributes so much to our society. Where would we be without the prince of pot? If only the whole country could get stoned. Then everybody would realize how good marihuana is for you. I can’t wait until TRUDEAU is our Prime Minister.

    • Good tongue in cheek satire! I’m sure all of us can wait for Trudeau to be yesterday’s news….that hairhead is far better suited to being an elementary school teacher than a Prime Minister

      • When he spends big bucks for national airtime requesting people to “give us your smarts”, it tells a story about some missing grey matter behind that boyish grin. The team of Trudeau and Emery might just barely make a complete brain.

          • Tony . . . something you might learn if you look around the country and the world . . . which regimes are failing, raising taxes and going broke?

            Is it the Right of Center governed provinces or foreign countries?
            Or is it the leftist/socialist provinces like Ontario, Keybec and Manitoba that are failing miserably? Look around the world Tony . . . . Greece, Spain, France, Italy . . . what do they have in common besides the fact they are broke? They are all run by far-left socialists . . . your fellow travellers eh Tony.
            Reality is Tony Socialism has never worked anywhere on the planet . . . but you keep believing ! ! !

  2. May be the whole country is all ready stoned , but not on pot . That is why people are up tight , they need a toke to mellow out ,a nice Odoul’s ice cold , and when the munchies happen usualy means the efect is wareing off and its time for supper , I realy would like to see the Harper New American / Canada government . be shot down in flames in the next election ,
    for the way they gave the corprit world Medical Pot , and wanting to take it away from the pashints who use it , and letting big business controle the supply . A lot of it is bunk with a fancy name , it’s over priced , And Mark aren’t you lucky , that you weren’t selling poppy seeds , because they are a narcotic , and will register , in a test afer eating . Yet They are legal ,funny .

  3. It’s bad enough that country feels a need to incarcerate their own population unjustly, they enjoy victimizing their prey where ever they live. Half of their Supreme Court has to go in order to halt their insanity.

  4. Is it a sign of the times that a man can spend the better part of his adult life working at promoting a way of escaping reality? What a waste of a life. This “prince of lazy” doesn’t deserve one bit of attention, admiration or respect in my book.

  5. Willie,
    You are very, very deeply in the minority on this one. Only police still want it to be a crime as it is job preservation and because they can smopke it with impunity.

    Its ironic that the prosecutor who won the conviction against Emery went on to be the legal “go to” person in Colorado to legalize pot there.

    Colorado has already announced that there has been a very noticeable decrease in crime in that state coupled with an increase in their tax base.

    It’s truly ironic that despite the seeds still not being against the law in Canada and now not against the law in Colorado, if you mailed the seeds from here to there you are still in contravention of an (heinous crime) indictable offense and subject to the same imprisonment.

    Why would you want to spend large amounts of money to keep him in jail instead of collecting tax revenue?

    • Emery broke Federal Postal Laws in the USA . . . and paid the price . .
      Your rambling is of little consequence . . . State Law and Federal Law in the US are NOT the same. While MJ is still illegal in federal jurisdictions several states have a different perspective . . . it will be interesting to watch how the population is effected in the coming years . . . will there be more drug dependancy, more health issues and what will be the effect on crime? Time will tell . . . I suspect many of the results will not be beneficial to your cause !

  6. He gets 5 years for selling seeds a non violent act , he didn’t rip anybody off , wasn’t fraud or poncy scheme.
    It was Harper extraditing Emery to the States doing a favor to his American right wing wackos.
    Five years and some of actually agree with that sentence.

    • Once again Trev . . . you prove you don’t get it . . .

      Emery broke US Postal laws by shipping a banned substance. He was charged . . . Canada and the US have extradition agreements as do many civilized countries.
      It has absolutely nothing to do with Stephen Harper, it is the legal system at work as it has done for many decades.
      Emery was a dope, maybe he smoked to much . . . and put himself in a position where he broke foreign laws. Was he ignorant or just clueless?

      Why don’t you go to the US and break the law and see how that works out . . .

  7. I know Mark Emery and I think he is an ok person as is his wife, but in no way wound I want them to have influence over taxpayers money , they are part of the marijuana crowd , while I don’t want to see them in jail neither do I want them anywhere near government , as for pals with Trudeau another dreamer best suited to teach arts .

      • Trudeau . . . the rich by birth Bebe . . . the 1%er who never had a real job . . . and drives a million dollar car. You and Justin are both probably at the same intellect level, shallow end of the spectrum.
        Justin never had a real idea of his own . . . he is controlled by Butts and his far-left brother.
        Justin will bring us “Cap and Trade” . . . a complete dismal failure in Europe.
        And an energy policy like Ontario . . . the highest electricity prices in North America.
        Plus he is a tax and spender . . . just like his ole man who back in the day set Canada on a course of Deficits and Double Digit Inflation . . . .

  8. CNN just announced that Medical Pot has now been legalized in State of New York.

    I’m shocked that the States is so far ahead of us. I always though Canada would legalize it first but I bet it won’t be long before it’s legal in all US States. They’ve been fighting a losing battle on a substance that is totally harmless if not abused and in many instances, is actually very helpful. Why not benefit from the taxes and stop wasting money on a bogus enforcement that will never work. Just like booze, it will always be there.

    Why do I say it very helpful?

    I can comment on this from personal experience. My wife badly broke her leg 3 years ago and then last Jan. had to have a total knee replacement because of this. She started out on Oxy for the pain. That drug is a miracle and for sure works but she didn’t want to stay on it just in case it became habit forming.

    My wife has constant leg pain. Our friend gave her a little pot to try. She was totally amazed. One or two puffs and she said the pain is gone. We are not kids. She’s in her late 50′s and now has a puff or two as needed. She has never used pot before but is now an advocate.

    I spend my evenings rolling little joints for her. I love her and hate to see her hurting!!

  9. Here we have it , the States are slowly legalizeing it , And here Harper wants to take us back to the cold war , 3 strikes and your out , pot is the devel”s drug , it’s leagle to sell sex but ilegle to buy , Where do all these moreons come from ? B m F k Alberta ?

    • Over 40 States now have Conceal Carry laws George . . . its time we had the same laws here . . . yes ! Crime is dropping in all of those states . . . perhaps we should do the same here eh George?

      Of courses the US will soon be 20 TRILLION in debt, supporting probably 30 Million Illegals and with a workforce today SMALLER than in 1978 . . . all this achieved with a Leader who had never had a real job, never run anything and never had a good idea. The ME is a mess, healthcare is failing Vets, and the public, and their leader is playing golf and attending fund raisers.

      Canada needs a leader just like this? And we have one in the wings if we want to emulate the USA . . . his name is Justin.